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CONTENTS ix Acknowledgments 3 Introduction The Anatomy of Ethnography: Diagnosing Folkloristics and the Conceptualization of Disability —Andrea Kitta andTrevor J. Blank Part One Disability, Ethnography, and the StigmatizedVernacular 23 Chapter One Disability, Narrative Normativity, and the StigmatizedVernacular of Communicative (in)Competence —Amy Shuman 41 ChapterTwo Exploring Esoteric and Exoteric Definitions of Disability: Inclusion, Segregation, and Kinship in a Special Olympics Group —Olivia Caldeira 65 ChapterThree Invoking the Relative: A New Perspective on Family Lore in Stigmatized Communities —Sheila Bock and Kate Parker Horigan PartTwo Folk Knowledge, Belief, andTreatment in Regional and Ethnic Health Praxis 87 Chapter Four Latina/o Local Knowledge about Diabetes: EmotionalTriggers, PlantTreatments, and Food Symbolism —Michael Owen Jones Contents viii 115 Chapter Five Interpreting andTreating Autism in Javanese Indonesia: Listening to Folk Perspectives on Developmental Difference and Inclusion —AnnieTucker 137 Chapter Six “HealThyself”: HolisticWomen Healers in Middle America —Elaine J. Lawless PartThree The Performance of Mental Illness, Stigma, andTrauma 157 Chapter Seven Deranged Psychopaths andVictimsWho Go Insane:Visibility and Invisibility in the Depiction of Mental Health and Illness in Contemporary Legend —Diane E. Goldstein 175 Chapter Eight Broadcasting the Stigmatized Self: Positioning Functions ofYouTubeVlogs on Bipolar Disorder —Darcy Holtgrave 194 Chapter Nine Tales from the OperatingTheater: Medical Fetishism and theTaboo Performative Power of Erotic Medical Play —London Brickley 215 ChapterTen Falling Out of Performance: Pragmatic Breakdown inVeterans’Storytelling —KristianaWillsey 233 About the Contributors 237 Index ...


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