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xi This book is the product of not only my own efforts and good fortune, but also the support of many kind and intelligent people. I am grateful for the advice and encouragement of historians Tony Badger, Angela N. H. Creager, Christopher Crenner, Helen Curry, Nick Hopwood, Joel Isaac, Judith Walzer Leavitt, M. Susan Lindee, Iwan Morgan, Andrew Preston, Patricia Prestwich, Leslie J. Reagan , Jonathan Reinarz, Naomi Rogers, Jane S. Smith, Matthew Smith, Susan L. Smith, and Heather Green Wooten. I was privileged to correspond with retired polio researchers, who shared their recollections of the gamma globulin study. Thanks to Arthur E. Greene, Stanley A. Plotkin, Hilary Koprowski, and Julius S. Youngner. I also appreciate the assistance of Peter L. Salk in granting me access to the Jonas E. Salk archival collection and to Bill Kumm for supplying memories of his late father Henry W. Kumm. I am indebted to infectious diseases researcher Charles R. Rinaldo for his encouragement and to Coriell Institute executive Joe Mintzer for sharing his memories of Lewis L. Coriell. The commitment of knowledgeable librarians and archivists was important to the realization of this book. I am grateful to David W. Rose, Roy Goodman , Charles B. Greifenstein, Lydia Vazquez-­ Rivera, Karen Jania, Malgosia Myc, Lynda Claassen, Stephanie L. Moll Bricking, Erik Moore, Nancy F. Lyon, David Mook, Kristen Rowley, and Tab Lewis. Moreover, genealogists Gloria Russell and Cliff Hayes were very helpful in recommending relevant news­ paper collections. The assistance of journalists in Utah, Texas, and Iowa, helped me to connect with former child participants and their families. Thank you to Ace Stryker, Cody Clark, Steve Jetton, John Wilburn, and Joanne Fox. This book was generously funded through a combination of fellowships, scholarships, and grant schemes. I acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Government of Alberta’s Lougheed Award. I am also thankful for England’s Overseas Research Studentship from the Higher Education Funding Council and the Canada Cambridge Scholarship from the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust. Equipment and conference costs were deferred by Clare Hall’s graduate award and research schemes. Further support came by way of Cambridge Faculty of History grants, including the Sara Norton Fund, the Members History Acknowledgments xii Acknowledgments Fund, the Chair’s Fund, and the Hannay Doctoral Training Fund. In addition, the Cambridge Department of History and Philosophy of Science supported my research through the Williamson and Rausing Trust. I am thankful to my college , Clare Hall, for awarding me the Isaac Newton–­ Ann Johnston Research Fellowship , which gave me the resources and time to complete this manuscript. Finally, I am indebted to my partner, Helen Mawdsley, whose endless patience, enthusiasm, and constructive criticism helped me finish this book. ...


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