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Aston: Aston, W. G., tr. Nihongi, Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to A.D. 697. GBHSJ: Gekkan bunkazai hakkutsu shutsudo jòhò (Monthly reports of excavated cultural properties material) Wei zhi: Gishi Wajin-den ICU: International Christian University,Tokyo NKKKFH: Nara-ken-ritsu Kashihara Kòkogaku Kenkyûsho Fusoku Hakubutsukan (Museum Attached to the Archaeological Research Laboratory at Kashihara, Nara prefecture) Tsunoda and Tsunoda Ryûsaku and L. Carrington Goodrich: Goodrich: Japan in the Chinese Dynastic Histories Yamatai: Yamatai-koku List of Abbreviations 283 ...


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