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Contents List of Illustrations and Tables, vii Acknowledgments, ix Introduction, xi Chapter 1 Ancient Texts and Sources, 1 Chapter 2 The Wei Zhi and the Wa People, 8 Chapter 3 The Initial Problem and Three Centuries of Compounding It, 21 Chapter 4 Travel by Land and Water to Neighboring Countries, 36 Chapter 5 Han Commanderies, Korean Kingdoms, and Wei China, 53 Chapter 6 Japan in Transition from Yayoi to Kofun, 59 Chapter 7 The Izumo-Yamato Contention, 114 Chapter 8 Himiko, Shamans, Divination, and Other Magic, 127 Chapter 9 Mirrors and Himiko’s Allotment, 160 Chapter 10 The JapaneseView of the Wei Zhi Years, 186 Chapter 11 The Endless Search for Yamatai, 229 Chapter 12 Makimuku and the Location of Yamatai, 239 List of Abbreviations, 283 Notes, 285 Wei Zhi Text, 339 Select Glossary, 343 Bibliography, 359 Index, 391 ...


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