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Acknowledgments It is appropriate to begin by expressing sincere appreciation towards John C. McDowell, who not only encouraged the project, but also supported our endeavor to take the lead and see this project through from its inception through to the printed page. Indeed, to have such support, encouragement, and freedom to explore a novel idea was a gift. But the idea would have remained as such had our contributors not come along in support of the project. So it is with significant gratitude that we acknowledge all of those who have worked diligently to provide us with this wonderful collection of essays: Thank you! And to our families: The scholarly life is one that often requires much sacrifice on the part of those we cherish. Our time is often caught up by the rigors of study and the responsibilities of academic life. Your endurance, strength, and affection sustain us and your presence brings us joy. Each of the editors now bears association with the University of Divinity, Melbourne, where we have found a warm, collegial, and stimulating intellectual environment that has served as a home for our collective theological endeavors. To our new colleagues, we say thank you. Finally, a collection such as this does take a great deal of time to xix bring together. It takes a number of people too. For those at Fortress who’ve been so professional and patient, thank you. Especially to Michael and Esther, your continued diligence and support have disburdened us tremendously, while your encouragement and support bolstered our resolve to complete this project. It has been a pleasure to work with you all. And for those at Cambridge University Press, as well as to Gregory E. Baker and Seraphim Danckaert: Thank you for working with us to include in this collection an essay by the late Rev. Fr. Matthew Baker (PhD, Fordham)—it is an honor to include this essay alongside the others and to dedicate this collection to Matthew and his family. CORRELATING SOBORNOST xx ...


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