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Contents Rowan Williams Foreword: Changing the Subject xi Acknowledgments xix Abbreviations xxi Introduction xxiii Part I. Historical Theology 1. The Conciliar Fellowship of the Church in Karl Barth and Modern Orthodox Theology Paul Valliere 3 2. The Limits of the Ecclesiology of Faith and Order: Rethinking in a Postdenominational Way the Foundations Given by K. Barth and G. Florovsky Antoine Arjakovsky (Translated by Tracy L. Russell) 35 Part II. Systematic Theology 3. “Offenbarung, Philosophie, und Theologie”: Karl Barth and Georges Florovsky in Dialogue Matthew Baker (1977-2015) 59 4. “A Supertemporal Continuum”: Christocentric Trinity and the Dialectical Reenvisioning of Divine Freedom in Bulgakov and Barth Brandon Gallaher 95 5. One Person, Many Persons: Adding Up the Personality Disorder in CD I/1 §§8–9 John C. McDowell 135 6. Some Reflections on Election and Apophasis: Barth and Lossky Scott A. Kirkland 163 7. Analogy in Karl Barth and Orthodox Theology Andrew Louth 189 Part III. Moral and Political Theology 8. “Soborny” Spirituality: Spirit and Spirituality in Berdyaev and Barth Ashley Cocksworth 213 9. Symphonic Theology and the Cacophonous World: Barth and Solovyev on Political Theology D. Stephen Long & Richard J. Barry IV 241 10. The Politics of Sophia in the Socialism of Barth David J. Dunn and Joshua B. Davis 273 11. Struggling Together toward Human Being: Sobornost and the Ethics of Karl Barth Ashley John Moyse 311 Met. Kallistos Ware Afterword 335 Bibliography 343 Contributors 373 Index of Names and Subjects 379 ...


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