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xi Acknowledgments The in-­ between turned out to be a theme of both this book and the period during which it was written. I am deeply grateful for those who provided sustenance in the wilderness, especially Buffie Avital, Katy Claussen, Alexana Garcia, Heather Gert, Judy Groner, Rabbi Eli Havivi, Rabbi Andy Koren, Agnes Lee, Merrianne Leff, David Levine, Tracy Lurey, Jonathan Malino, Sarah Malino, Eric Mortensen, Valerie O’Keefe, Jane Redmont, Kathryn Shifferdecker, Santiago Slabodsky, John Storm, Emily Tutt, Heidi Verhaal, and my Awaken family. Geoff Claussen has been especially tireless in his support, even providing feedback on portions of the manuscript at a critical juncture. I first began to explore the ideas in this book in my dissertation, and I remain thankful for those that supported that work, including my colleagues, mentors, and teachers, the Forum for Theological Exploration , the Duke University Scholars, and especially Willie Jennings. To him and to the other members of the committee that oversaw the dissertation, I would like to convey my ongoing gratitude for their diligent work and beg their forgiveness when their good advice has gone unheeded. I extend the same gratitude to and beg the same forgiveness from David Petersen, who pointed me toward some important last minute adjustments to this manuscript. Carey Newman’s admonition to be xii Acknowledgments bold has helped me take my work to the next level. I very much appreciate his insight and the dedication of his staff at Baylor University Press. Finally, my most inexpressible thanks: To Ellen Davis, who served as midwife for the difficult birth of my dissertation, and whose wisdom and continued support have nourished me through countless challenges. To my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and honorary relatives, who have shaped me with their stories and who feature so prominently in mine. To my cousins Carol Wayman and Betsy Carswell , who gave my children an adventure and me the gift of space to think and write. To my Aunt Judie Amsel and my cousin Ann Marcia Shaftel (z’’l), who provided special encouragement for this project. To my grandparents Irv and Rae Beckenstein (z’’l), who made this book (and so much more) possible. And especially to my parents Myron and Charlotte Beckenstein who have been my constant champions, my children, Elijah and Rachel, who inspire me daily, and my husband, Andrew Mũtũa, who has shared every bump and twist of the journey with me and made it better. ...


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