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223 Appendix B | MTOQ5 General Description Worksheet and MTOQ10 Field Note Template MTOQ5 GENERAL DESCRIPTION WORKSHEET General Description Worksheet MTO Adult Pilot Case ID:____________ Pseudonym:______________________ Coder initials: _____ Interviewer initials: _____ Date of interview: ____________ Interview running time: _______________ 1. Respondent’s Age: _____ 2. Location: (circle the most appropriate) Baltimore: west east south northeast northwest Suburbs Outside Baltimore metropolitan area 3. Indicate whether respondent is employed: Yes No Briefly describe respondent’s current job and employment history. Include current employer, job title and salary, if applicable. Include any 224      Appendix B training received and experiences with work, commuting, managers, and attitudes about work. How did respondent locate this job? If respondent is unemployed, please note for how long and describe recent job search efforts. 4. Briefly describe respondent’s completed education, training and job skills. 5. Briefly describe the respondent’s housing situation, including history and current apartment, and thoughts on the neighborhood. 6. Children: Age Sex School Focal Child Focal Youth CHILD# _________________ 7. Focal child: Briefly discuss how focal child is doing in school, hobbies, activities and any health or behavior concerns. Also note father’s involvement , and the role of peers and friends in child’s life. How does parent feel the move has affected the child? 8. Focal Youth. Briefly discuss how focal child is doing in school, hobbies, activities and any health or behavior concerns. Also note father’s involvement , and the role of peers and friends in child’s life. How does parent feel the move has affected the child? 9. Summarize the composition and location of respondent’s family and social networks, specifically with regard to job networks, social capital and opportunity structures. Also include frequency of interactions and exchanges behavior. 10. Summarize findings of the status ladder and respondent’s assessment of his/her standing in the community. 11. Health and depression. Summarize any notable health conditions, attitudes , or practices both past and present. Appendix B      225 12. Summarize any key issues or unique circumstances, such as notable family situation or household composition, reasons for moving, and respondent’s attitude during the interview: Numeric Codes — For an explanation of each code, see the General Codes section at the beginning of the codebook. — On the line marked “pg.”, enter the page number in the transcript where the information can be found. — If a field is not filled, enter 98 if question was not answered and 99 if question does not apply. AGE: ______ pg. ______ LRESN: ______ pg. ______ JOB TITLE: ________________ EARNINGS: __________(hourly or yearly) CURASSTN (underline all that apply): pg. ______ Public Aid Food Stamps Medicaid/CHIP/ Medicare WIC child care subsidies Social Security Survivor benefits heating assistance Disability formal child support other none MTOQ10 FIELD NOTE TEMPLATE Date: ____________ Time and duration of interview: ____________ Interviewer(s): ____________ Study ID: ____________ Interview Context Where did you conduct the interview? Describe the home [size, condition, location, cleanliness, style]. Describe the neighborhood [condition, activities, people]. 226      Appendix B Who was present during the interview (other than yourself and respondent )? Were there any unusual distractions and/or noises? Was there any information obtained when the tape recorder wasn’t on? Describe the respondent’s disposition during the interview [interaction , appearance, attitude]. Household What is the respondent’s sex, age, race, and marital status? Who lives in the household? Ages of spouse/partner and children Employment What is the respondent’s job history and current job (if any)? Describe the primary ways the respondent learned about and acquired jobs, as well as any job training they have (if any). Education What is the respondent’s educational attainment? Describe how many schools the respondent attended and where these schools were located, as well as future plans (if any) for further education . Family and Friends Describe the respondent’s current partner situation. If they have children , describe their level of involvement with their children. Describe the respondent’s primary peer networks and how and where they connected with these peers. Risk Behaviors Describe the respondent’s history of risk behaviors, as well as the risk behaviors of their parents and peers. Appendix B      227 Mental Health Describe the respondent’s overall mental health. Other Describe any other issues that make this case notable. Second Interview Would you suggest we conduct a follow-­ up interview with the respondent ? Why? What unanswered questions do you have about this respondent? Was there anything that seemed contradictory about their answers? Was there anything you felt they...


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