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Contents Introduction: Composition in the Age of Austerity Tony Scott and Nancy Welch   3 Part I: Neo li beral D efo rmations 1 Our Trojan Horse: Outcomes Assessment and the Resurrection of Competency-Based Education Chris W. Gallagher   21 2 Confessions of an Assessment Fellow Deborah Mutnick  35 3 First-Year Composition Course Redesigns: Pedagogical Innovation or Solution to the “Cost Disease”? Emily J. Isaacs   51 4 Who’s Coming to the Composition Classroom? K–12 Writing in and outside the Context of Common Core State Standards Marcelle M. Haddix and Brandi Williams   65 Part II: Co m po si ti o n i n an Aust er e Wor l d 5 The National Writing Project in the Age of Austerity Tom Fox and Elyse Eidman-Aadahl   77 6 Occupy Basic Writing: Pedagogy in the Wake of Austerity Susan Naomi Bernstein   92 7 Austerity behind Bars: The “Cost” of Prison College Programs Tobi Jacobi  106 8 BuskerFest: The Struggle for Space in Public Rhetorical Education Mary Ann Cain   120 9 First-Year Writing and the Angels of Austerity: A Re-Domesticated Drama Nancy Welch  132 vi   C ontents Part III: Co m po si ti o n at th e Cr ossr oads 10 What Happens When Ideological Narratives Lose Their Force? Jeanne Gunner  149 11 Composition’s Dead Ann Larson  163 12 Austerity, Contingency, and Administrative Bloat: Writing Programs and Universities in an Age of Feast and Famine Eileen E. Schell   177 13 Beyond Marketability: Locating Teacher Agency in the Neoliberal University Shari Stenberg  191 14 Animated by the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Austerity, Dispossession, and Composition’s Last Living Act Tony Scott  205 Afterword: Hacking the Body Politic Lil Brannon  220 About the Authors   229 Index  233 Composi tion in the Age of Aust erity ...


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