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Contents Acknowledgments vii Comparative Chronologies, 1000 b.c. to a.d. 1600 x Part I Introduction Chapter 1 Foreign Trade and Sociopolitical Evolution 3 Chapter 2 Sources for the Study of Prehispanic Philippine 29 Chiefdoms Part II Structure and Evolution of Complex Societies Chapter 3 Chiefly Authority and Political Structure 57 Chapter 4 Political Cycling in Philippine Chiefdoms 85 Chapter 5 Social Stratification in Contact Period Societies 120 Chapter 6 The Dynamics of Social Ranking: Changing 144 Patterns of Household Wealth and Mortuary Differentiation Part III Foreign Trade and Internal Transformation Chapter 7 The Long-Distance Porcelain Trade 183 Chapter 8 Mobilizing Resources: Regional Production, 221 Tribute, and Lowland-Upland Exchange Systems Chapter 9 The Evolution of Craft Specialization 261 Chapter 10 Alliance and Prestige Goods Exchange 292 vi Contents Chapter 11 Competitive Feasting 313 Chapter 12 Raiding and Militarism as a Competitive Strategy 336 Part IV Conclusion Chapter 13 Trade Competition and Political Transformations 373 in Philippine Chiefdoms Notes 387 Bibliography 417 Index 461 ...


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