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Contents Preface ix Acknowledgments xxi 1. At the Dawn of Freedom 1 2. To Serve My Own People Black Teachers in the Southern Black Schools 17 3. It Will Result in a Better Understanding of Their Duties Southern White Teachers and the Limits of Emancipation 52 4. A Desire to Labor in the Missionary Cause Northern White Teachers and the Ambiguities of Emancipation 78 5. You Will, of Course, Wish to Know All about Our School Learning and Teaching in the Freed People’s Schools 120 6. Race, Reconstruction, and Redemption The Fate of Emancipation and Education, 1861–1876 153 Appendix A: Teachers in the Freed People’s Schools, 1861–1876 179 Appendix B: Estimating the Number of Black and Southern White Teachers, 1869–1876 184 Notes 189 Bibliography 247 Index 301 ...