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A P P E N D I X E S This page intentionally left blank A P P E N D I X A British MonarchsduringExploration, Settiement, and the ColonialPeriod Elizabeth I James I Charles I 1558-1603 1603-25 1625-49 [Commonwealth 1649-60] Charles II James II William III Anne George I George II George III 1660-85 1685-88 1689-1702 1702-14 1714-27 1727-60 1760-76 and Mary 1689-94 563 A P P E N D I X B Chief Executives of North Carolina Governors of "Ould Virginia," 1585-86 1587-90 Ralph Lane John White Appointed by SirWalter Raleigh Appointed by Sir Walter Raleigh Commander of the Southern Plantation 1662-64 Samuel Stephens Appointed by the Council in Virginia Governors ofAlbemark County under the Lords Proprietors 1664-67 1667-70 1670-72 1672-75 1675-76 1676-77 1677 1678 1678 1679 1680-81 1680-81 1682-89 1683-86 1689 Appointed deputy by Peter Carteret Speaker of the Assembly Deputy for Eastchurch who was appointed by the Lords Proprietors but did not serve Deputy Commissioned by the Lords Proprietors but did not serve President of the "rebel" council President ofthe Council Commissioned bythe Lords Proprietors but did not serve President of the Council Acting governor Governor by virtue of his rank as a cacique S64William Drummond Samuel Stephens Peter Carteret JohnJenkins Thomas Eastchurch John Jenkins Thomas Miller Seth Sothel John Jenkins John Harvey Henry Wilkinson John Jenkins Seth Sothel John Archdale John Gibbs 565 Appendixes Governor under the Lords Proprietors of "That Part of the Province of Carolina That Lies North and East of Cape Fear" 1689-91 Deputy Governorsof the Northern Part of Carolinafor the Governorof Carolina Resident in Charles Town 1691-94 [1694-96 1696-99 1699-1704 1704-5 1705-6 1706-8 1708 1708-11 1711-12 Thomas Jarvis John Archdale Thomas Harvey HendersonWalker Robert Daniel Thomas Gary William Glover Edward Tynte Thomas Car}' Edward Hyde Governor of both parts of Carolina] President of the Council President of the Council Commissioned bythe Lords Proprietors but died in Charles Town before taking office President of the Council President of the Council Governors of North Carolina under the Lords Proprietors iyi2 1712-14 1714-22 1722 1722-24 1724-25 1725-29 President of the Council President of the Council President of the Council Royal Governorsof North Carolina 1729-31 1731-34 Sir RichardEverard George Burrington Remained in office until the first royal governor arrived from England Edward Hyde Thomas Pollock Charles Eden Thomas Pollock William Reed George Burrington Sir Richard Everard Philip Ludwell 566 Appendixes 1734-52 1752-53 1753-54 1754-65 1765-71 1771 1771-75 President of the Council President of the Council President of the Council Presidents of the Council under the Revolutionary Government 1775-76 1776 1776 Governors of the State of North Carolina? 1776-80 1780-81 1781-82 1782-84 1784-87 1787-89 1789-92 1792-95 1795-98 1798-99 1799-1802 1802-5 1805-7 1807-8 1808-10 1810-11 1811-14 1814-17 1817-20 Home County Dobbs (now Lenoir) Craven Orange Guilford Dobbs (now Lenoir) Chowan Guilford Craven New Hanover Halifax Moore Warren Mecklenburg Moore Bertie Brunswick Warren Warren Halifax i. Elected by joint ballot of both houses of the legislature for one-year terms during the period 1776-1835; elected by the qualified votersfor two-yearterms, 1836-68; and elected by the voters for fouryear terms since 1868. Richard Caswell Abner Nash Thomas Burke Alexander Martin Richard Caswell Samuel Johnston Alexander Martin Richard Dobbs Spaight Samuel Ashe William R. Davie Benjamin Williams James Turner Nathaniel Alexander Benjamin Williams David Stone Benjamin Smith William Hawkins William Miller John Branch Cornelius Harnett Samuel Ashe Willie Jones Gabriel Johnston Nathaniel Rice Matthew Rowan Arthur Dobbs William Tryon James Hasell Josiah Martin I82O-2I 1821-24 1824-27 1827-28 1828-30 1830-32 1832-35 1835-36 1836-41 I&4-I-45 1845-49 1849-51 1851-54 1854-55 1855-59 1859-61 I86I-62 1862-65 1865 1865-68 1868-71 1871-74 1874-77 1877-79 1879-85 1885-89 1889-91 1891-93 1893-97 1897-1901 1901-5 1905-9 1909-13 1913-17 1917-21 1921-25 1925-29 1929-33 1933-37 1937-41 Jesse Franklin Gabriel Holmes Hutchins G. Burton James Iredell John Owen Montfort Stokes David L. Swain Richard Dobbs Spaight, Edward B. Dudley John M. Morehead William A. Graham...


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