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viii Illustrations Figures 1. Carlos Arroyo 2 2. U.S. Army and Navy ymca 47 3. U.S. Army and Navy ymca Reading Room 48 4. U.S. Army and Navy ymca Café Room 48 5. Puerto Rican delegation at the third Central American and Caribbean Games 90 6. Flag of Puerto Rico 91 7. Invitation to the Puerto Rican National Olympic Committee, 1947 118 8. Puerto Rican flag displayed during the opening procession of the 1948 Summer Olympic Games 121 9. Julio Enrique Monagas as represented by the cartoonist Carmelo Filardi 124 10. Puerto Rican delegation, opening ceremonies, Central American and Caribbean Games, 1950 137 11. Julio Enrique Monagas holding the flag of Puerto Rico 146 12. Returning to the Cerro Pelado from the San Juan port 188 13. The Peacock with part of the Cuban delegation 189 14. Pro-Cuban demonstrators 190 15. Anti-Cuban demonstrators 191 16. War of the flags in Puerto Rican Olympism 209 ix Maps 1. Central America and the Caribbean xxii 2. Cuban delegation travel routes 183 Tables 1. Sport teams in public schools in Puerto Rico 55 2. Flags of the Comité Olímpico de Puerto Rico 143 ...


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