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vii Acknowledgments We, the editors of this book, wish to express our appreciation to all of the authors herein for the chapters they contributed. The information they present will be valuable to many professionals in our field. We especially thank the Mexican Deaf1 community, as well as the Office of Special Education of the state of Nuevo León, Mexico, and its director, Manuel Antonio García Treviño. We also want to express our appreciation to the Convention and Visitors Office of the state of Nuevo León, Mexico, for its support, advice, and sponsorship of the Fifth World Congress on Mental Health and Deafness. We are especially grateful to Karen A. Tinsley for reviewing the final draft of the book. In addition, we thank both the University Autónoma de Nuevo León and its Department of Psychology for hosting the congress, as well as the staff members who organized the conference. We wish to convey our gratitude to the conference funders and to the dean of the Department of Psychology, Armando Peña Moreno. The work of many people made this book possible; it represents a great effort carried out in a country with no public mental health services for Deaf people and only a few specialized mental health professionals in this field. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you as together we strive to improve the well-being of the Deaf community in Mexico and Deaf communities around the world. 1. In this book we refer to Deaf people with a capital D to signify those who were born profoundly deaf or lost their hearing before their fourth year of life. These individuals use sign language to communicate and identify themselves as members of the Deaf community. ara86542_00_frontmatter.indd vii ara86542_00_frontmatter.indd vii 12/10/15 6:57 PM 12/10/15 6:57 PM ara86542_00_frontmatter.indd viii ara86542_00_frontmatter.indd viii 12/10/15 6:57 PM 12/10/15 6:57 PM ...


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