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v Contents Acknowledgments vii Introduction: Purpose, Structure, and Contents of the Book ix By Benito Estrada Aranda, Javier García Muñoz and Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij Part 1 | Mental Health Issues and Treatment 1 Mental Health Care for Deaf People: An Approach Based 3 on Human Rights Ana María García García (Spain) Javier Muñoz Bravo (Spain) 2 Important Issues in the Psychopharmacological Treatment 15 of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People with Mental Health Disorders: Theory and Practice Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij (the Netherlands) 3 Mental Health Services in Mexico: Challenges and Proposals 41 Benito Estrada Aranda (Mexico) 4 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) 49 in Family Systems with Deaf Family Members Lieke Doornkate (the Netherlands) 5 Silent Wisdom: Equine-Assisted Counseling with Deaf Clients 65 Karen A. Tinsley (United States) 6 Cochlear Implants: Psychosocial Implications 81 Irene W. Leigh (United States) ara86542_00_frontmatter.indd v ara86542_00_frontmatter.indd v 12/10/15 6:57 PM 12/10/15 6:57 PM vi Contents Part 2 | Deaf Populations 7 Self-Esteem of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People in Cyprus 99 and Greece Katerina Antonopoulou (Greece) Kika Hadjikakou (Cyprus) Maria Charalambous (Cyprus) 8 Public Health of Deaf People 111 Johannes Fellinger (Austria) 9 Quality of Life of Latino Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals 131 in the United States Poorna Kushalnagar Melissa Draganac-Hawk Donald L. Patrick Part 3 | Deaf Children and Their Families 10 Mental Health Problems in Deaf Children and Adolescents: 143 Part I—Epidemiology, Etiology, and Cultural, Linguistic, and Developmental Aspects Tiejo van Gent (the Netherlands) 11 Mental Health Problems in Deaf Children and Adolescents: 167 Part II—Aspects of Psychopathology Tiejo van Gent (the Netherlands) 12 The Mother-Child Relationship and Language 193 Development Disorders: Studies of Deaf Adolescent Children of Hearing Parents Joanna Kobosko (Poland) 13 Deafness, Autism, and Diagnostics: A Case Study 215 Benito Estrada Aranda (Mexico) Georgina Mitre Fajardo (Mexico) Ricardo Canal Bedia (Spain) Final Conclusions 231 Contributors 237 Index 243 ara86542_00_frontmatter.indd vi ara86542_00_frontmatter.indd vi 12/10/15 6:57 PM 12/10/15 6:57 PM ...


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