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Acknowledgments This book could not have been written without the inspiration, support, and guidance of a great number of people, to whom I am enormously grateful and deeply indebted. Writing a book can be a solitary exercise, but ideas do not live alone and the creative process never takes place in a vacuum. I have benefitted enormously from the insights and encouragement of extraordinary friends and colleagues with a wide array of different disciplinary as well as personal perspectives. These include Siri Gloppen, Ole Frithjof Norheim, Manuel José Cepeda, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Malcolm Langford, Camila Gianella, Chris Desmond, Carmel Williams, Masuma Mamdani, Ibadat Dhillon, Heather Adams, Aline Newton, Michelle DeLong, and Mary Plummer, as well as many others, who may not even know how much their intellectual guidance and support meant at critical points in framing and writing this book. Rebecca Cantor, Melanie Baskind, Alexandra Goodwin, Angela Duger, Emily Maistrellis, Melanie Norton, and Allyson Baughman not only diligently read through countless iterations of chapters and subchapters and tracked down references with unfailing good humor and dedication, but also provided me with essential feedback at different points throughout the process. Susan Holman’s devoted reading of the manuscript was critical to pushing me gently along the way. Peter Agree, Editor-in-Chief at the University of Pennsylvania Press, provided encouragement from the beginning, and infinite patience throughout the process of making this book a reality. I am also ever grateful to Bert Lockwood, series editor of Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights at Penn 314 Acknowledgments Press, for literally decades of professional encouragement and his wonderful enthusiasm for the idea of this book. The peer reviewers’ enthusiasm, coupled with constructive and deeply informed critiques from different disciplinary perspectives, encouraged me to make significant improvements to the manuscript. Jennifer Leaning, the director of the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University, generously supported me through three years of directing a program for Harvard from East Africa, which was critical in enabling me to write this book. But writing the book is only part of the story, and of the stories collected here. I have shared this journey over the years with many extraordinary individuals , with whom I have cried tears of joy as well as frustration, rage and sadness, but in the end who have inspired me through their commitment and example to know that another world is possible. In Mexico I worked closely with, among others, Pilar Noriega and Teresa Jardí, who are two of the most courageous people I have ever known. In Peru, I continued to be inspired by the integrity and courage of women who took the human rights admonition to “speak truth to power” seriously, including the late Giulia Tamayo— who eventually was forced to leave the country because of her work exposing the forced sterilizations of thousands of indigenous women. The examples taken from Peru were based on many different collaborations with Mario Rios, Ariel Frisancho, Luz Estrada, Tiffany Moore, and Marion Brown, among others. My research in Colombia, over a number of years, would have been impossible without Oscar Parra Vera from whom I have learned far more than I have taught him. In carrying out research and investigations for various projects over years in Sub-Saharan Africa, I am grateful to Jane Shuma, Mitike Molla, Junior Bazile , Lucia Knight, and Tania Bernath, among many others. And it was, and continues to be, an enormous privilege to work with Allan Maleche, Catherine Mumma, Moses Mulumba, David Kabanda, and Nakibuuka Noor, among others, who are committed to making health rights real in East Africa, and who inspire me by their example as to what is possible. I am indebted to the late Patwant Singh and his sister, Rasil Basu, for inviting me to the Kabliji Rural Health Centre in Haryana, India, which changed my life. I am thankful to Eric Rosenthal for including me in many fact-finding delegations of Disability Rights International, including the one in Argen- Acknowledgments 315 tina referred to in this book, and from whom I have learned much about advocacy for the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities. Paul Farmer, generous friend and profound inspiration, laid the seeds for this book when he asked me to become an editor of the newly revamped Health and Human Rights journal and to help readers understand what it would mean to apply a human rights framework to health. I am grateful to the entire Health and Human Rights Journal team, including...


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