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■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Appendix A Individual Interview Guide A. Background Information 1. In order for me to get to know a little bit about you, can you tell me how you would describe yourself? How would people who know you describe you? 2. How would you describe the values of the people around you (family , school, community, friends) growing up? What were their values like in general? What were their values/expectations regarding sexuality and relationships ? Regarding your sexuality and relationships? 3. How would you describe the values of those around you now about these things? If there was a change, how does that feel for you? Does/did that affect your feelings about yourself/body/sexuality? How are your views the same as or different from the views of others you know? 4. Can you describe your early education about sexuality? What were your sources of information (family, school, friends, religion, boyfriends, girlfriends, siblings, books, magazines, pornography, personal experimentation , personal victimization, witnessing others’ relationships, etc.)? Was the information you got technical, social, personalized? How did you learn to feel about desire, passion, flirtation, your body, males/females, sexuality , romance, danger (what were you warned about)? 5. How did your education (formal and informal) about sexuality and relationships change over time? Do you feel you have the kinds and amount of information you want and need about sexuality and relationships at this point in your life? With whom do you feel most comfortable /uncomfortable discussing these issues or asking questions? 6. Can you tell me about the relationships/encounters you’ve had? Start with your first crush, relationship, sexual experience, etc. Can you describe the feelings you had (expand these questions according to the stories /histories offered)? How did your relationship(s) end? B. Images of Womanhood and Femininity 1. Where did you learn about “femininity”? What does this mean to you (appearance, behaviors, attitudes)? How were these lessons communicated ? Do you/have you ever dressed/altered your appearance or behavior for men? For women? For a lover? For general strangers (the male/female gaze)? For a potential lover? How so, and why? 2. Do you/have you ever read women’s or teen magazines? Which ones? Why those? What do you think are their images of the “ideal woman”? Do you agree with them? How do they affect you? What should you look like, aspire to be like, with men/women? Do these magazines make you feel better or worse about yourself, or both/neither? 3. Do you/have you ever read romance novels? What are they about? What’s the attraction? Do you find them arousing? Why/why not? What parts of them do/don’t you like? Is it romantic/erotic to be swept off your feet? What is the difference (if any) between romance novels and pornography? 4. Do you/have you ever read how-to books about sex or romance? What ones? What are they like? What did you think of them? Have you ever tried their strategies? Did they work? What does that mean? 5. Do you/have you ever read/watched pornography? What kinds? How does it make you feel? Can you describe the first time you saw pornography ? How did you feel? What do you like most/least about pornography ? How do you feel about men/women using pornography? Is there 214 ❙ Appendix A anything erotic about the taboo surrounding pornography? Do you identify with the women/men in the scenes? 6. Who are/were your role models (real or fictional) as women? Why are/were you drawn to these women? Do they make you feel better or worse about yourself/about being a woman? C. Attitudes about “Normal” Sexuality and Relationships 1. Have you had any serious relationships? What does “serious” mean to you? If you have had a serious relationship, please describe the person and the relationship. How did you meet? How did you know it was serious ? What are/were the best/worst parts of the relationship? What is/was most complicated about it? 2. How would you describe your ideal relationship? How would you describe your ideal lover? Have you ever experienced these? Do you imagine yourself getting married or being in a long-term relationship with a partner? Why/why not? 3. People often talk about wanting equal partnerships: what does this mean to you? Have you ever experienced this? If so, what are the positive and/or negative aspects of this type of relationship? What does being “in control...


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