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科科瑟,生於1972 年,當代緬甸詩人。他現居維也納, 用緬甸文和英文兩種語言寫作。他的第一本英文詩集 《生為緬甸人》(2015)收錄從1996 年被禁止發表的小詩 集到2014 年在比利時魯汶大學的近作。此外,他編輯和翻 譯的《白骨呻吟:當代緬甸詩人十五家》(2013)由北伊 利諾伊大學出版。 ko ko thett was born in 1972, and is a poet by choice and a Burman by chance. He currently lives in Vienna and writes in both Burmese and English. The poems in his first English-language collection, The Burden of Being Burmese (2015), range from “faddish sugar crystals,” written in Burmese for his illegal campus chapbook at the Yangon Institute of Technology in 1996, to his most recent work “anxiety attack,” constructed at the University of Leuven in 2014. Apart from his own work as a writer and translator, he is co-editor of the seminal volume Bones Will Crow: 15 Contemporary Burmese Poets (Northern Illinois University Press, 2013). ...