restricted access 14. strawman [in re-verse]
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58 strawman [in re-verse] i was born in a barn of straws my veins are straws of blood not all the straws are straight i suck up my strawberry brew with my built-in straw i am a strawy-eyed owl in a world built with mud bricks without straw in a strawy strawy night you can ring my bell anytime with a straw i am going to nest like a rabbit burrowing into a straw hat the winner is the loser in drawing straws straw for the left, grass for the right can anyone share with me her last straw emptiness in form, form in emptiness in a straw life is a squiggle drawn in the water with a straw socrates sips his poison through a straw like a drowning man grasping a straw just a straw mat for my back i am going to rest 59 稻草人(反讀) 我出生在稻草倉庫 我的血管是血的稻草 不是所有的稻草都是筆直的 我用我內置的稻草吸喝自己的士多啤梨啤酒 我是一隻稻草眼的貓頭鷹 在用泥磚而沒有用稻草建造的世界之中 在稻草遍野的夜上 你可以隨時用稻草敲響我的門鈴 我要回巢穴了 好像兔子一樣鑽到稻草帽裡 獲勝者是繪畫稻草的失敗者 稻草給左邊,青草給右邊 有沒有人可以和我分享她最後一根稻草 形式是空虛,由空虛的稻草所形成 生命是用稻草畫在水中的亂寫字 蘇格拉底用稻草啜飲毒藥 就像溺水者抓住一根稻草 只有稻草蓆讓我躺 我要休息了 ...