restricted access 12. timely applause and toothy smiles
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53 timely applause and toothy smiles now a carrot, now a cane now you see it, now you don’t a well-hung knight in broad daylight ranks, gambits, fool’s mates, positional plays upper house and lower house male bonding ladies and gentlemen, distinguished white elephants eminent hierophants and esteemed sycophants a big hand to this succulent and jazzy watermelon she has hurled stones at hot air balloons miles high she has hauled cargo with the royal barge, she has yachted around the world in her porcelain tub for her peccadilloes, she’ll be quartered the central square is too crowded too many monkeys, too many middlemen the hostages are in, the queen is pinned not all fruits sweeten as they ripen i am a chilli, you are a lime bitter gourds are other people the empire is overstretched the emperor is overdressed denizens wear nothing but the loincloth of law, it’s no progression, a draw 54 及時的掌聲和露齒微笑 如今是一個蘿蔔,如今是一條藤條 如今你看見,如今你看不見 在大白天之下,陰莖很大的騎士 列陣,棄子,兩步棋就將死,局面棋 上議院和下議院的男性連成一線 女士們,先生們,卓越的白象們 顯赫的導師們和尊敬的拍馬屁者們 請為多汁而色彩鮮豔的西瓜熱烈鼓掌 她曾向一英里高的熱氣球用力投擲石頭 她曾用皇家御舟運送貨物,她曾 在她的瓷浴缸坐遊艇環遊世界 為了她的小小瑕疵,她會停駐 中央廣場太擁擠了 太多猴子,太多中間人 抵押品到了,女王不能動彈 不是所有的水果都如成熟時一般鮮甜 我是一條辣椒,你是一個青檸 苦瓜是其他人 帝國過分伸張 皇帝打扮過分 55 居民除了法律的腰布 沒有穿甚麼,毫無進展,平手 ...