restricted access 11. the rain maker
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49 the rain maker switch off the lights, turn the projector on sit back and relax, let’s enjoy the mirages on kayan rice wine and cheese crackers a few simple rules here you may bite the hand that feeds you, just don’t feast on it don’t multitask if you don’t know how to run north for a southbound hare don’t kill two robins with one word if you don’t know how to lie to one of them don’t chew the shoes and the drapery don’t be a member of any poetic community don’t be a rose fancier you don’t want to be another down comforter fine feathers are unfit for us humans they make you too hot within too cold without 50 look how the dormant underdog, taken for granted rotten-dead, has sprung back to life on dukkha media! sickened with divided attention disorder it jumps over the crown, chokes and strangles the aristocratic order the kingdom now needs a flea leap forward the newly elected leader may be comely just don’t expect her to change the clime isn’t it fascinating? how each and every cowry trapped in a hollowed-out bamboo houses an entire symphony orchestra 51 造雨者 關燈,打開投影機 坐好放鬆,享受 長頸族米酒和芝士餅乾的幻覺 這裏有少許簡單的規則 你可以恩將仇報, 只是不可盡情享受 不要處理多項事務,如果你不知道 如何為向南行的野兔而向北行 不要用一個字,殺死兩隻知更鳥 如果你不知道如何向其中一隻說謊 不要咀嚼鞋子和布料 不要成為任何詩歌團體的一員 不要成為玫瑰愛好者 你不想成為另一個傷心的慰問者 精緻的羽絨不適合我們人類 它們讓你穿著太熱 沒有了就太冷 52 看看睡著的弱者, 想當然會爛死, 已經通過苦道反彈回人生! 患了注意力分散失調 它跳過冠冕,掐住和 勒死貴族的秩序 現在王國需要一隻跳蚤的躍進 新當選的領導人可能秀麗 只是不用希望她改變風土 是不是吸引呢? 每一個貝殼如何陷入容納了一整隊交響樂團的 挖空的竹子裏面 ...