restricted access 9. fuck me untied
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45 fuck me untied are you one of those who will import our rice so you can bomb our village you believe in the charity of your moneyed class now that my body is stuck in your bottleneck, there is no spillover effect, save for your sperm i don’t miss trains, they never come i no longer trust the public ride faced with the leviathan, i will be playing possum lying low like a benthic fish, if not committing another suicide according to the buddha, “hunger is a hot potato you always want to throw at someone else, you are the one who gets burned” in your diplomatic dictum there is no such thing as mettā, disinterested love rain on a sunny day brings prowlers 46 you don’t lecture on navigation to a crocodile king you don’t lead a monk in the way of scripture your language suits you smart your rhetoric shapes your mouth your discourse waxes your moustache, your sweet monologues mold your lips, mint your tongue and cheapen your kisses into bout de papier if, to you, “to untie” means “to fuck” you don’t have to untie me just fuck me untied 47 操沒有解開的我 你是不是那些將會入口 我們的米的人,因此你可以轟炸我們的村莊 你相信你們有錢階級的慈善 現在我的肉身被卡在你的瓶頸,沒有 溢出效果,保存你的精液 我不錯過火車,它們永遠不會來 我不再相信公共車輛 面對利維坦,我會裝睡 隱匿像水底的魚,如果不是 另一種的自殺 如佛所說, 「飢餓是一個燙手的山芋,你總是 想扔給別人, 你是燙傷的那人。」 在你的外交格言中 沒有所謂慈悲,無私的愛 晴朗日子的雨水帶來徘徊的小偷 48 你不會向鱷魚王教導航海術 你不會引導僧侶解說經文的指向 你的語言適合你,聰明人 你的修辭塑造你的嘴巴 你的話語為你的鬍子上蠟,你 甜蜜的獨白塑造你的嘴唇,鑄造你的舌頭 而且貶低你的吻成為一張紙 如果,對你來說,「解開」是指「操」 你不用解開我 操沒有解開的我 ...