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39 cut we owe them nothing they didn’t invent the alphabet uphold the national objectives wipe them out from the face of the planet, cleanse them off all the known and unknown universes for good measure here are the four cuts they must have —cut their food —cut their funds —cut their recruit —cut their intelligence cut in the name of god cut in the name of growth cut in the name of a diamond jubilee cut for the sake of love cut, it doesn’t cut it 40 come on, let’s be honest now that your misappropriation case seems to have tailed off can you become more transparent than the malt whisky in your glass look...there are fifty-five million poets earnestly awaiting a payoff in your country cut they attempted to pickaxe her out of the cancer they said it’d extend her life for one month she only wanted an assisted suicide by the time she left there were two supernovas for her breasts cut cut because you are whatever you are out of the earth you came as sharp as a bamboo shoot as blunt as a mushroom, or twirled and twisted like a bean sprout 41 big-headed but just one among a million equally big heads because you happen to be in season and you also happen to be a snappy-springy asparagus cut the crap mango doesn’t complement dal when you have diarrhea i only let you hold my hand and you wanted to touch my lips you can’t leapfrog over a chasm february brings on the sniffles, and june, light drizzles castor-oil plant is always king in the jungle of weeds cut the crack i tell you what if you finger a wet socket you’ll be electrocuted if you divide 22 by 7 it will never end 42 削減 我們沒欠他們甚麼 他們沒有發明字母表 堅持國家目標 將他們從地球表面徹底消滅,作為額外奉送, 在所有已知和未知的宇宙清洗他們 這裏有四項必需的削減 — 削減他們的食物 — 削減他們的資金 — 削減他們的招聘 — 削減他們的智力 以上帝之名削減 以增長的名義削減 以鑽禧的名義削減 為了愛而削減 削減,不得削減 來吧,老實點 現在,你的侵吞情況似乎已經縮小了 43 你可以變得比你玻璃杯中的麥芽威士忌更透明嗎 看……有五千五百萬詩人認真地 在你的國家等待賄款 削減 他們試圖將她從癌症中鋤走 他們說,這會延長她的生命一個月 她只想有人幫她自殺 在她離世的時候 有兩顆超新星留給她的乳房 削減 削減,因為你是任何一物 你在大地長出,你變得像竹筍一樣尖尖的 像蘑菇一樣鈍鈍的,或者像豆芽菜一樣扭動的、 歪曲的 只是跟百萬個同等傲慢一樣的傲慢 因為你正當盛產季節,而你又恰巧是 短小精悍且有彈力的蘆筍 44 少講廢話 當你有腹瀉時,芒果與木豆不相配 我只讓你握住我的手,而你想吻我的嘴唇 你不能跳越鴻溝 二月帶來鼻水,而六月,毛毛細雨 蓖麻總是野草叢林之王 切開裂縫 我告訴你 如果你用手指觸碰濕水的插座 你會觸電 如果你用22 除以7 會沒完沒了 ...