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20 water elephant water elephants exist or do they? to every mahout water elephants are real, and ethereal in water, with fisheyes, they move like fish on land they can survive for hours they breathe through trunks they are short, and plump, with two pairs of legs, each with four to five claws, also known as minor tongues when fully grown miniature mammoths are about 0.25 mm (0.009 in.) long and 0.2 mm (0.007 in.) high they feed on water corn they love water spinach they wander underwater all day they furrow your brow at night elephas minimus are semi-nocturnal they are particularly fond of translucent waters 21 of pikes, perches and pebbles elephants, real or ethereal, are never seen in water elephant habitat instinct tells them— water elephant bites fatal 22 水象 水象存在 有嗎? 對每一個象夫 水象是真的,超凡的, 在水中,牠們有魚眼,好像魚般移動 在陸上,牠們可以存活數個小時 牠們透過象鼻呼吸 牠們短小,胖胖的, 有兩對腿, 每條有四到五個爪子, 也被稱為次要舌頭 完全長大時 微型的長毛象是約0.25 毫米 (0.009 英寸)長和0.2 毫米(0.007 英寸)高 牠們以飼料水粟米為糧食 牠們愛吃水菠菜 牠們在水中整天漫步 晚上牠們犁耕你的額頭, 最小的象是半夜行動物 牠們特別喜歡有狗魚、鱸魚和鵝卵石的 23 半透明水域 在水象的棲息地 從來沒有發現過真實的或超凡的大象 直覺告訴牠們—— 水象一咬就會致死 ...