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12 the boomtown a bottle spins a rat for protein a snake rattles pots and pans for a pawnshop lunar face for the thoroughfare rickshaw for the landing vehicle a tadpole morphs into a mermaid isn’t she just another census entry you don’t want to be weighed down by the food chain, lectures the dean, hanging loose between two branches no soup in a salt crystal no lamp oil in a sand grain no sum makes her night no catch cools her day no rain fills her ocean stomach no holds barred for her banquet no one knows what side they’re on 13 in her flesh and faith and toes no exasperation unbearable no exile banishment a nip at the wrong ear, game over a turn into the wrong lane, you’re dead mahogany doesn’t live in a tundra ghost orchids don’t grow in a desert between winter and summer spring is the suspender belt neon trenches for canonical gospels, trains loaded with final holdouts leave every second transmigration passes available for non-nationals how would you like to be wrapped vicuña wool for your majesty foliage for the naked 14 新興都市 瓶子旋轉 老鼠給予蛋白質 蛇響尾 鍋碗瓢盆給予典當鋪 月球面孔給予大街道 人力車給予陸上車輛 蝌蚪變種成為美人魚 她是不是只不過另一個人口普查登錄 你不想被食物鏈 壓倒,教訓學監, 兩條樹枝之間鬆動的懸掛 水晶鹽中沒有湯 沙粒中沒有燈油 沒有錢讓她入夜 沒有掠奪讓她白日降溫 沒有雨水填滿她如海洋的肚 沒有限制在她的宴會之中 沒有人知道他們是那一邊 15 在她的肉體、信念和腳趾之中 沒有忍受不了的激憤 沒有流亡驅逐 在錯誤的耳朵一夾,遊戲結束 轉進錯誤的車道,你就死定了 紅木並不生長在凍土 幽靈蘭並不生長在沙漠 冬天和夏天之間 春天是吊襪帶 霓虹燈的溝渠代替按照教規的福音,火車 裝滿了最後的堅持在任何一秒鐘駛去 輪迴轉世給非本國人民通行 你想如何被包裹著 小羊駝毛留給尊貴的您 葉子留給裸體的人 ...


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