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WHO'S WHO OF AUTHORS JOHN CLARK ARCHER. Hoober Professor of Comparative Religion , Yale University. Author of Mystical Elements in Mohammed; A New Approach in Missionary Education; Youth in a Believing World; Faiths Men Live By; The Sikhs; etc. Lecturer at various institutions in the East and the West. A.B., Hiram College; A.M., B.D., Ph.D., Yale. LEWIS HODOUS, Head of Chinese Department, Emeritus, Kennedy School of Missions, Hartford Seminary Foundation. Former President of Foochow Theological Seminary. Authority on Chinese culture and religious thought. Author and translator of works dealing with China. A.B., D.D., Western Reserve; B.D., Hartford Theological Seminary. D. C. HOLTOM. Authority on Shinto. Formerly Professor at Japanese Baptist Seminary; Professor of Theology, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo. Haskell Lecturer, University of Chicago, 1940. Author of Political Philosophy of Modern Shinto; The Japanese Enthronement Ceremonies ; The National Faith of Japan; The Meaning of Kami; Modem Japan and Shinto Nationalism; etc. A.B., Ph.D., Chicago. JOSEPH L. HROMADKA. Visiting Professor, Princeton Theological Seminary; formerly Professor of Theology at the University of Prague. A widely known central European thinker and a profound student of Russian literature. Author, in Czech, of Masaryk; Dostoyevski and Masaryk; Christianity in Thought and Life; The Legacy of Luther; The Legacy of Calvin; etc.; in English, Doom and Resurrection. Th.B., Vienna; Ph.D., Prague. EDWARD J. JURJI. Associate Professor of Islamics and Comparative Religion, Princeton Theological Seminary. Formerly, Member of the Institute for Advanced Study; lecturer, Princeton University. Author of Illumination in Islamic Mysticism; "Arabic Literature" in Encyclopedia of Literature. A.B., American University of Beirut; M.A., Ph.D., Princeton; B.D., Princeton Theological Seminary. JOHN A. MACKAY. President of Princeton Theological Seminary; Professor of Ecumenics. President of the Board of Foreign Missions, Presbyterian Church, U. S. A. Leading church statesman and interpreter of Protestantism. Author of The Other Spanish Christ; Preface to Christian Theology; That Other America; Heritage and Destiny; etc. Editor of Theology Today. M.A., Aberdeen; B.D., Princeton Theological Seminary; D.Litt, Lima; D.D., Princeton. 371 WHO'S WHO OF AUTHORS ABRAHAM A. NEUMAN. President of the Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, Philadelphia, Pa.; Professor of History . Editor, Jewish Quarterly Review; Revising Editor, Universal Jewish Encyclopedia; Secretary, American Jewish Historical Society. Author of The Jews in Spain: Their Social, Political and Cultural Life during the Middle Ages; Cyrus Adler: A Biographical Sketch; Relation of the Hebrew Scriptures to American Institutions. B.S., M.A., Columbia; H.L.D., Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Hebrew Union College; LL.D., Pennsylvania. A. K. REISCHAUER. Lecturer on the History of Religions at Union Theological Seminary. Formerly, Educational Missionary to Japan; Professor of History of Religion, Nihon Shingakko; Charles F. Deems Lecturer on Philosophy, New York University. Author of Studies in Japanese Buddhism; The Task in Japan; Present Day Religion in Japan; etc. B.A., M.A., Hanover; D.D., New York University. GERALD G. WALSH, S. J. Editor of Thought (Fordham University Quarterly). Formerly, Head of Graduate Department of Italian Studies ; Graduate Professor of Medieval History, Fordham. Author of The Emperor Charles IV; Medieval Humanism; Dante Alighieri, Citizen of Christendom; contributor to The Catholic Philosophy of History; Faith for Today; etc. B.A., London; M.A., Oxford; Ph.D., S.T.D., Gregorian University, Rome. 372 ...


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