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PREFACE IT is the purpose of this book to indicate the genius, development , and spiritual core of the major contemporary religions. This also is a study of religion in its relation to the world crisis. The central theme of the symposium—originally proposed in a preliminary formula—was really achieved by the persistent endeavor of the contributing group; and, in due course, it was adapted by each author to the peculiar nature of his subject. It is hoped that the result of our concerted effort may provide a background of understanding to all who, as lay reader, historian , philosopher, comparative religionist, apologist, missionary , or parish minister, wish to approach the great religions in the light of their affirmations and impact upon human society and culture. In keeping with the above purpose the authors have sought to express themselves as simply as possible. For example, diacritical and orthographical symbols have been omitted in the spelling of foreign words even when they would normally be required according to certain systems of transliteration. In short, the reader visualized for this book is a general reader, not a technician. The editor desires to acknowledge the counsel and encouragement of Datus C. Smith, Jr., Director of Princeton University Press. George F. Thomas, Professor of Religious Thought at Princeton University, read the manuscript and offered many valuable suggestions. In this joint volume, the willing cooperation and mutual esteem of the several writers concerned lays each under heavy indebtedness to all the others. In connection with the chapter on Roman Catholicism, appreciation is due to the Right Reverend William A. Griffin, D.D., Bishop of Trenton , who graciously granted an Imprimatur. Insofar as the mechanics of the volume are concerned, Miss Gladys Fornell, and the Press staff, have been constantly helpful. To all these, as well as to my wife, Nahia Khuri Jurji, I am deeply grateful. EDWARD J. JURJI Princeton, N. J. V ...


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