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Contents Preface vii 1 Folklife Studies in American Scholarship 3 Don Yoder 2 Folklife Study and Social Change 19 Ward H. Goodenough 3 Uses of the Artistic Past 27 James Marston Fitch 4 American Cultural Geography and Folklife 51 Fred B. Kniffen 5 Film Documentation of Folklife 71 Leslie P. Greenhill 6 Folk Boats of Eastern French Louisiana 105 William B. Knipmeyer; edited by Henry Glassie 7 Afro-American Coil Basketry in Charleston County, South Carolina: Affective Characteristics of an Artistic Craft in a Social Context 151 Gerald L. Davis 8 The Whitaker-Waggoner Log House from Morgan County, Indiana 185 Warren E. Roberts 9 Tollgate Lore from Upstate New York: A Contribution to FolkCultural Studies 209 David J. Winslow 10 Ethnic Tensions in the Lower Rio Grande Valley to 1860 239 James L. Evans 11 Wishing in and Shooting in the New Year among the Germans in the Carolinas 257 Walter L. Robbins 12 Morality in a Yoruba Ritual in Trinidad 281 Jacob D. Elder Notes on the Contributors 293 Index 297 THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK ...