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Appendix B

Arcade Machines Released between 1979 and 1982

This list is primarily drawn (with permission) from the International Arcade Museum’s Killer List of Videogames (, arguably the most extensive database of coin-operated machines available (though it is neither complete nor without error). We have attempted to corroborate its integrity wherever possible. Pinball machines are not included in this list for the sake of brevity; to have added them would have greatly increased the list’s length. We have, however, included bowling, shuffle alley, punching bag, arm wrestling, and other such games, as there were only a few released during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Data for this table was organized by the people at the Killer List of Videogames website ( and the International Arcade Museum (, and is used with the kind permission of Greg McLemore.

We have also included non-US versions of games (e.g., Namco’s Dig Dug was distributed in Japan under the Namco brand and under the Atari brand in the United States) when possible because such machines were known to circulate among US arcades.

Perceptive readers may discover upon further research that some of the release dates we provide do not match the ones in the Killer List of Videogames database. This is usually because that database often lists the copyright date of machines, which is frequently taken from a game’s attract mode screen or from a pre-order advertising circular. While these dates are authoritative in their way, they are commonly not release dates—the focus of this list.

Also, where and when we found them, we corrected errors that are in common circulation about certain arcade machines, for example, the error that identifies many Data East games as having been published by “Nihon Bussan/AV Japan.” (In fact, the reverse seems to have been true: Nihon Bussan developed games for Data East and its DECO System.) Finally, when a machine had multiple release dates due to staggered production schedules—often the case when, for instance, a game shipped in several different form factors (e.g., upright, cabaret, cocktail, cockpit, etc.)—we used the earliest release date.

Games’ publishers are listed in parentheses. Vector-based games are boldfaced.


Alien Invader (Universal)

Aristocrat Shuffle Alley (Williams Electronics/United)

Asteroids (Atari)

Astro Battle (Sidam)

Astro Wars (Zaccaria)

Atari Baseball (Atari)

Atari Basketball (Atari)

Atari Soccer (Atari)

Ball Park (Taito)

Ball Park II (Taito)

Bomb Bee (Namco)

Capsule Invader (Irem)

Clay Champ (Allied Leisure Industries)

Cosmic Guerilla (Universal)

Cosmic Monsters (Universal)

Crash (Exidy)

Cutie Q (Namco)

Deep Scan (Sega/Gremlin)

Double Block T3 (Sega)

Dynamite Joe (Model Racing)

18 Wheeler (Midway)

Field Goal (Taito)

Fire One! (Exidy)

Fortress (Sega/Gremlin)

4 Player Bowling Alley (Midway)

Galaxia (Zaccaria)

Galaxian (Namco)

Galaxy Rescue (Taito)

Galaxy Wars (Taito)

GT Roadster (Ramtek)

Head On (Sega/Gremlin)

Head On 2 (Sega/Gremlin)

Hyperspace (Rumiano)

Invader Wars (World Vending)

Invader’s Revenge (Zenitone Microtech)

Invasion (Sidam)

Invinco! (Sega/Gremlin)

IPM Invader (IPM)

Kamikaze (Leijac)

King Tut Shuffle Alley (Williams Electronics/United)

Kreepy Krawlers (Exidy)

Lunar Lander (Atari)

Lunar Rescue (Taito)

Ozma Wars (SNK)

Phantom II (Midway)

Puck Man (Namco)

Rip Cord (Exidy)

Rolling Crash (Nichibutsu)

Safari Rally (SNK)

Shuttle Invader (Omori Electronics)

Side Trak (Exidy)

Space Attack (Sega)

Space Fighter (Sega)

Space Launcher (Nintendo)

Space Phantoms (Zilec)

Space War (Leijac/Konami)

Star Fire (Exidy)

Straight Flush (Taito)

Submarine (Midway)

Sundance (Cinematronics)

Super Speed Race (Midway)

Tail Gunner (Cinematronics)

Taurus Shuffle Alley (Williams Electronics/United)

Warrior (Cinematronics/Vectorbeam)

Yosaku To Donebei (Wing)

Zero Time (Petaco S.A.)

ZunZun Block (Taito)


Alien Attackers (Tele Tronic)

AME Rug (Shoei)

Armor Attack (Cinematronics)

Asterock (Sidam)

Astro Fighter (Sega/Gremlin/Data East)

Astro Invader (Stern Electronics)

Astro Zone (Taito)

Balloon Bomber (Taito)

Bandido (Exidy)

Battlezone (Atari)

Berzerk (Stern Electronics)

Black Hole (Game-A-Tron)

Bonus Black Jack (Myimpa)

Bust My Balloons (Status)

Carnival (UPL)

Cheeky Mouse (Universal)

Cosmic Alien (Universal)

Crazy Balloon (Taito)

Crazy Climber (Taito)

Crock-Man (Rene Pierre)

Defender (Williams Electronics)

Devil Zone (Universal)

Diamond Poker Double-Up (Bonanza Enterprises)

Digger (Sega/Gremlin)

Eagle (Centuri)

El Dorado (Grayhound)

El Grande (Century)

The End (Stern Electronics)

Extra Bases (Midway)

Final Ranger (Hoei)

Fire Bird (Rene Pierre)

Full Court Frenzy (Zamperla)

Future Flash (Hoei)

Gin Rummy (Kareteco)

Gingateikoku No Gyakushuu (Irem)

Golden Cup (Venture Line)

Golden Invaders (Sigma Entertainment)

Hana Kochou (Dynax)

Hana no Mai (Dynax)

Heiankyou Alien (Denki Onyko)

Heli Fire (Nintendo)

Hi-Lo Double Up Joker Poker (Kramer)

Indian Battle (Taito)

Intruder (Game Plan)

Joker Poker 54 (Drew Industries)

Jokers Wild (Meyco Games)

Kaitei Takara Sagashi (Namco)

Keno (Video Horizons)

Keno Superstar (Merit Industries)

Killer Comet (Centuri)

King Pin (Games of Tomorrow)

K.O. PunchBall (Zamperla)

Lupin III (Taito)

Mad Alien (Data East)

Magical Spot (Universal)

Magical Spot II (Universal)

Megatack (Game Plan)

Mini Golf (Digital Games Incorporated)

Missile Command (Atari)

Monaco GP (Gremlin/Sega)

Monte Carlo (Atari)

Moon Alien Part II (Nichibutsu)

Moon Alpha (Nichibutsu)

Moon Cresta (Gremlin/Sega)

Moon Lander (Taito)

Moon Quasar (Nichibutsu)

Moon Raker (Nichibutsu)

Mr. Muscle (Zamperla)

Navarone (Namco)

Nebula (Data East)

New York! New York! (Gottlieb)

No Man’s Land (Universal)

N-Sub (Sega)

Pac-Man (Midway)

Phoenix (Centuri)

Polaris (Taito)

Pro Monaco GP (Gremlin/Sega)

Quasar (Zaccaria)

Radar Scope (Nintendo)

Rally-X (Midway)

Red Baron (Atari)

Rip Off (Cinematronics)

Safari Rally (Taito)

Samurai (Sega)

Sasuke vs. Commander (SNK)

Sheriff (Nintendo)

Sky Chuter (Irem)

SOS (Namco)

Space Attack II (Zenitone-Microsec)

Space Beam (Nanao)

Space Bird (Hoei)

Space Chaser (Taito)

Space Cyclone (Taito)

Space Demon (Fortrek)

Space Encounters (Midway)

Space Fever (Nintendo)

Space Fighter Mark II (Data East)

Space Firebird (Nintendo)

Space Force (Venture Line)

Space Intruder (Shoei)

Space Invaders Deluxe (Midway)

Space Invaders II (Midway)

Space Invaders Part II (Taito)

Space Laser (Taito)

Space Panic (Universal)

Space Pirate (Zaccaria)

Space Tactics (Gremlin/Sega)

Space Trek (Sega)

Space Zap (Midway)

Spectar (Exidy)

Speed Race GP-5 (Taito)

Star Castle (Cinematronics)

Star Fighter (Ace Vending)

Star Invaders (Potomac Mortgage Company)

Stratovox (Taito)

Super Earth Invasion (Competitive Video)

Super Speed Race GP-V (Taito)

Tail Gunner 2 (Exidy II)

Tank Battalion (Namco)

Targ (Exidy)

Terranean (Data East)

Tomahawk Missile (Electro Sport)

Tomahawk 777 (Data East)

Tora Tora (Game Plan)

Tranquilizer Gun (Sega)

UniWar S (Irem)

Warlords (Atari/Warner Communications)

Zap (Allied Leisure Industries)


Ab$cam (US Billiards)

Alien War (Eastern Micro Electronics)

Alpine Ski (Taito)

Amidar (Stern Electronics)

Armored Car (Stern Electronics)

Asteroids Deluxe (Atari)

Astro Blaster (Sega)

Astro Fantasia (Data East)

Barracuda (Coinex)

Batting Chance (Namco)

Battle of Atlantis (Comsoft)

Borderline (Sega)

Bosconian (Midway)

Bosconian (Namco)

Boxing Bugs (Cinematronics)

Cat’n Mouse (Zaccaria)

Centipede (Warner Communications)

Challenger (Centuri)

Clay Champ (Namco)

Colony 7 (Taito)

Cosmic Avenger (Universal)

Cosmikaze (Game-A-Tron)

Cosmos (Century Electronics)

Crazy Kong (Falcon/Zaccaria)

Crush Roller (Kural Samno)

Dambusters (South West Research)

Daredevil (Model Racing)

Dark Warrior (Century Electronics)

D-Day (Olympia)

Defense Command (Artic International)

Donkey Kong (Nintendo)

Double Up (Omega Products)

Draco (Cidelsa)

800 Fathoms (US Billiards)

Eliminator (Sega/Gremlin)

Enigma II (Taiyo System)

Face Up 21 (Game-A-Tron)

Fantasy (SNK)

Fitter (Taito)

4 Fun In One System (Armenia)

Frisky Tom (Nichibutsu)

Frog & Spiders (Taito)

Frogger (Sega/Gremlin)

Funky Fish (Sun Electronics)

Galaga (Midway)

Galaga (Namco)

Gorf (Midway)

Got-Ya (Game-A-Tron)

Grand Champion (Taito)

Hangly Man (Nittoh)

Hold & Draw (Amstar Electronics)

Joker Poker 21 (Entertainment Enterprises)

Jump Bug (Rock-Ola)

Jungler (Konami)

Kaos (Game Plan)

Kick (Midway)

Kick-Man (Midway)

King and Balloon (Game Plan)

K.O. Punch (Sega)

Lady Bug (Universal)

Laser Base (Amstar Electronics)

Lazarian (Bally/Midway)

Lil’ Hustler (Dynamo)

Lock ’N Chase (Data East)

Lock ’N Chase (Taito)

Lucky Poker (Data East)

Make Trax (Williams Electronics)

Manhattan (Data East)

Marine Date (Taito)

Mariner (Amenip)

Mars (Arctic Electronics)

Mayday (Hoei)

Mirage (Jeutel)

Monkey Donkey (Unknown)

Moon Shuttle (Nichibutsu)

Moon War (Stern Electronics)

Mouse Trap (Exidy)

Ms. Pac-Man (Bally/Midway)

Ms. Pac-Man (Namco)

New Rally-X (Namco)

Ninja (Data East)

Omega Race (Bally/Midway)

The Percussor (Orca)

Pitch In (Namco)

Pleiades (Centuri)

Pulsar (Sega/Gremlin)

Qix (Taito)

Quarter Horse (Electro Sport)

Rambler (G.G.I)

Red Alert (Irem)

River Patrol (Kersten)

Rock Climber (Taito)

Round-Up (Centuri)

Route 16 (Centuri)

Satan of Saturn (SNK)

Scramble (Stern Electronics)

Shark Attack (Pacific Novelty)

600 (Konami)

Sky Skipper (Nintendo)

Snap Jack (Universal)

Solar Fox (Bally Midway)

Solar Quest (Cinematronics)

Space Dungeon (Taito)

Space Fortress (Century Electronics)

Space Fury (Sega/Gremlin)

Space Odyssey (Sega/Gremlin)

Space Seeker (Taito)

Spiders (Sigma Entertainment)

Star Raker (Sega/Gremlin)

Star Warrior (Potomac Mortgage Company)

Stargate (Williams Electronics)

Strategy X (Stern Electronics)

Super Cobra (Konami)

Super Cobra (Stern Electronics)

Super Heli (Unknown)

Super Missile Attack (General Computer Corporation)

Super Tank (Computran)

T.T. Mahjong (Taito)

Tactician (Konami)

Tank Battalion (Game Plan)

Tempest (Atari)

Thief (Pacific Novelty)

Tornado (Data East)

Tri-Pool (Noma)

Turbo (Sega)

Turpin (Sega)

Turtles (Stern Electronics

Vanguard (Centuri)

Vanguard (SNK)

Vanguard (Zaccaria)

Venture (Exidy)

Video Hustler (Konami)

Video Hustler (Tago Electronics)

War of the Bugs (Food and Fun/Armenia)

Warp & Warp (Namco)

Warp & Warp (Rock-Ola)

Wizard of Wor (Midway)

Zarzon (Taito)

Zero Hour (Universal)


The Adventures of Robby Roto (Bally/Midway)

Ali Baba and 40 Thieves (Sega)

Angler Dangler (Data East)

Anteater (Tago Electronics)

Azurian Attack (Rait Electronics)

Bagman (Valadon Automation)

Battle Cross (Sigma Entertainment)

Beezer (Tong)

Birdie King (Taito)

Black Widow (Atari)

Blue Print (Bally/Midway)

Bounty (Orca)

Bubbles (Williams Electronics)

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (Sega)

Bump ’n’ Jump (Bally/Midway)

Bump ’n’ Jump (Data East)

BurgerTime (Bally/Midway)

BurgerTime (Data East)

Burnin’ Rubber (Data East)

Catapult (Photar)

Changes (Orca)

Check Man (Zilec-Zenitone)

Constella (Nichibutsu)

Crazy Kong Jr. (Falcon)

Cute-See (Update Kits)

Dark Planet (Stern Electronics)

Dazzler (Century Electronics)

Demon (Rock-Ola)

Desert Race (Moppet Video)

Devil Fish (Artic Electronics)

Dig Dug (Atari)

Dig Dug (Namco)

Disco No. 1 (Data East)

Donkey Kong Jr. (Nintendo)

Donkey Kong Junior (Nintendo)

Dorodon (UPL)

Draw Poker (Amstar Electronics)

Dream Shopper (Sanritsu)

The Electric Yo-Yo (Taito)

Explorer (Data East)

Eyes (Rock-Ola)

Fast Freddie (Atari)

Fishing (Data East)

Fly-Boy (Kaneko)

Freeze (Cinematronics)

Frenzy (Stern Electronics)

Front Line (Taito)

Funky Bee (Orca)

Gold Bug (Century Electronics)

Gravitar (Atari)

Guttang Gottong (Sega)

Hard Hat (Exidy)

Holey Moley (Tai)

Hopper (Karateco)

Hot Shocker (E.G. Felaco)

Insector (Gottlieb)

Jack The Giantkiller (Cinematronics)

Jan-jan (Dynax)

Joust (Williams Electronics)

Jungle Boy (Taito)

Jungle Hunt (Taito)

Jungle King (Taito)

Kangaroo (Sun Electronics)

Knock Out!! (KKK)

Kozmik Krooz’r (Bally/Midway)

Kram (Taito)

Lasso (SNK)

Le Bagnard (Valadon Automation)

Leprechaun (Moppet Video)

Liberator (Atari)

Loco-Motion (Centuri/Konami)

Logger (Century Electronics)

Looper (Orca)

Looping (Venture Line)

Macho Mouse (Techstar)

Mai Jan (Dynax)

Marine Boy (Orca)

Megadon (Photar)

Mermaid (Rock-Ola)

Mighty Monkey (Yih Lung)

Millipede (Atari)

Minky Monkey (Technos)

Mission-X (Data East)

Moguchan (Orca)

Mole Attack (Yachiyo Electronics)

Monster Bash (Sega)

Moon Patrol (Irem)

Mr. Do! (Taito)

Mr. Do! (Yukidaruma)

Mr. F. Lea (Pacific Novelty)

Mrs. Dynamite (Universal)

NATO Defense (Pacific Novelty)

Naughty Boy (Jaleco)

Noah’s Ark (Moppet Video)

Open Mahjong (Dynax)

Orbitron (Signatron USA)

Out Line (Century Electronics)

Pac-Man Plus (Bally/Midway)

Pac-Man Plus (Namco)

Pengo (Sega)

Pepper II (Exidy)

Pioneer Balloon (Rock-Ola)

Pirate Pete (Taito)

Pirate Treasure (Moppet Video)

Pisces (Subelectro)

The Pit (Centuri)

Pole Position (Namco/Atari)

Ponpoko (Venture Line)

Pooyan (Stern Electronics)

Pop Flamer (Jaleco)

Popeye (Nintendo)

Port Man (Nova Games)

Pot of Gold (Taiyo System)

Q*bert (Gottlieb)

QB-3 (Rock-Ola)

Qix II: Tournament (Taito)

Quantum (Atari/Warner Communications)

Radical Radial (Nichibutsu)

Reactor (Gottlieb)

Red Clash (Kaneko)

Rescue (Stern Electronics)

Robotron: 2084 (Williams Electronics)

Satan’s Hollow (Bally/Midway)

Scorpion (Zaccaria)

SEL Jan (Dynax)

Sinistar (Williams Electronics)

Sky Army (Shoei)

Sky Bumper (Venture Line)

Slalom (Orca)

Slither (GDI)

Space Duel (Atari)

Space Fighter X (Nichibutsu)

Springer (Orca)

Star Attack (Nichibutsu)

Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (Sega)

Streaking (Shoei)

Strike Bowling (Taito)

SubRoc-3D (Sega)

Super Astro Fighter (Data East)

Super Bond (Alpha)

Super Casino (Data Amusement)

Super Locomotive (Sega)

Super Mouse (Taito)

Super Pac-Man (Bally/Midway)

Super Pac-Man (Namco)

Super Zaxxon (Sega)

Survival (Rock-Ola)

Swimmer (Centuri)

Tac/Scan (Sega)

Tazz Mania (Stern Electronics)

Time Pilot (Centuri)

Time Pilot (Konami)

Time Tunnel (Taito)

Treasure Hunt (Hara Industries)

Triple Punch (KKI)

Triv-Quiz (Status)

Tron (Bally/Midway)

Tug Boat (Moppet Video)

Tunnel Hunt (Centuri)

Tutankham (Konami)

Tutankham (Stern Electronics)

21 Blackjack (Amstar Electronics)

Vectrex Mini-Cade (ESI)

Victory (Exidy)

Video 8 Ball (Century Electronics)

War of the Worlds (Cinematronics)

Wild Western (Taito)

Wiping (Nichibutsu)

Word Zapper (Unknown)

Xevious (Atari)

Xevious (Namco)

Zaxxon (Sega)

Zektor (Sega)

005 (Sega)

Zoar (Data East)

Zoo Keeper (Taito)

Zzyzzyxx (Cinematronics)

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