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vii Acknowledgments Much of the work on this book took place at the Open University of Israel between 2011 and 2013. I am grateful to the Open University Research authority for funding the project (grant numbers 37088 and 37115). This book was written with the assistance of several people. My gratitude to Assaf Derri, my research assistant, who, from the early stages of the research to the final versions of the manuscript, worked by my side with great diligence and intelligence. I would like to thank Diana Rubanenko for her translation work. I would also like to thank Tom Kellner for her close reading and editing, for her practical attitude, and her elegant solutions. I am grateful to Tamar Gerstenhaber for translating the literary excerpts from Hebrew to English while still preserving the complexity and poetic quality of the Hebrew source, and for reading the entire manuscript. Several other people assisted me in specific chapters. Yara Ferro helped me locate and translate Arabic sources when I wrote the chapter on the literature of Palestinian-Israelis. Pioter Shmugliakov (Petia Ptah) and Nekuda Singer made it possible for me to discover the intensive Russian-Israeli cultural and literal activity in Israel. Danny Admasu assisted me to better understand the identity struggle of the Beta Israel people. Many thanks to Ariel M. Sheetrit and to Olga Aharonov Kurianski for their help with the bibliography. I am grateful for their diligence, generosity, and devotion to the project. I thank my colleagues, Tammy Amiel-Houser, Galia Benziman, Mei-Tal Nadler, and Liat Steir-Livny for their advice, for the fruitful discussions during the last few years, and for their support and friendship. Finally, my heartfelt gratitude goes to my family, my partner Shahar, and my children, Matar, Geut, and Eshed, for their patience, inspiration, and love. ...


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