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Contents Acknowledgments vii 1 Introduction 1 2 The Literature of Palestinian Citizens of Israel: Literature of Boundaries 15 The Literature of Palestinian Citizens of Israel 16 Palestinian-Israeli Authors Writing in Hebrew 24 The Second Generation of Writers in Hebrew 28 The Third Generation of Writers in Hebrew 31 Three Stories of Acceptance 34 Habibi and the Israel Prize for Literature 36 Mahmoud Darwish in Israeli Schools 42 Ghassan Kanafani—Returning to Haifa in Israeli Eyes 46 The Metonym of “Identity Card” in Mahmoud Darwish and Sayed Kashua 53 3 “Ana min al-yahud”: Mizrahi Literature and the Question of Space and Authenticity 67 Does Mizrahi Literature in Israel Have a Face? A Historical and Poetical Survey 70 The Mizrahi Literature of the 1950s and 1960s 76 The 1970s—First Signs of Mizrahi Poetics: Sami Michael, Erez Biton, Ronny Someck, and Jacqueline Kahanoff 80 The 1980s and 1990s—Different Voices in Mizrahi Writing: Dan Benaya Seri, Eli Amir, Amira Hess, and Ronit Matalon 91 Towards the 2000s and Beyond—the Second and Third Generations Reconstruct Mizrahi Identity 102 New Spaces in Contemporary Mizrahi Writings 112 On Language and Memory—Almog Behar 112 The Great Mother—Ronit Matalon’s The Sound of Our Steps and Sami Berdugo’s That Is to Say 120 Shimon Adaf and the Peripheral Novel 135 Conclusion, or: Is A. B. Yehoshua a Mizrahi Author? 145 4 The Aristocrat and her Handmaid: Russian-Israeli Literature and the Question of Language 159 Introduction 160 Dual Colonialism, or: Who’s in Charge of the Cultural Ghetto? 162 Israel and the Russian Diaspora 166 Israeli Literature Written in Russian 168 A Sip of the Russian-Israeli Cocktail 182 On the Journey between Diaspora and the Holy Land— Efrem Bauch and David Markish 183 The Liminality of Spaces and Times—Anna Isakova 186 Poetry that Bites—Igor Guberman 188 Returning to Holy Jerusalem, Returning to “Blood” and “Love”—Mikhail Gendelev 190 On War and God—Mikhail Grobman 193 Between the Narrator and the Immigrant—Dina Rubina 195 The Multicultural Dining Room—Gali-Dana Singer 197 Between the Languages—the Gesher Theater 199 Russian Immigrants Writing in Hebrew 205 In Search of Lost Memories 207 Alona Kimhi—Hybridity Materializes 217 Victor and Masha 223 Sivan Baskin’s Poetic Alternative 227 The Nomadic World of Alex Epstein 235 5 The Road to Jerusalem, the Search for Zion: The Literature of Ethiopian-Israelis 249 Introduction 250 From Ethiopia to Jerusalem—The Story of the Odyssey 258 Blood and Water 271 Blood 272 Water 274 Searching for Zion 280 Minorities of Minorities—Black Jewish Women 290 Epilogue 297 6 Conclusion 305 Bibliography 313 Index 349 ...


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