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xi Historical Cast R Individuals mentioned more than once in James W. King’s letters are listed here to ease the reader’s burden in keeping names straight. In most cases, additional biographical details are provided later in a note associated with the initial mention of each person in a letter. Additional listings are provided for King and Babcock family members, for soldiers of the 11th Michigan whose writings are frequently cited, and for select people who fall short of the above criteria but earn further mention in the editor’s supporting comments. Major historical figures (e.g., Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, Lee, and Davis) are excluded here. Two separate lists are provided: the first enumerates people referenced informally (without a surname),while the second lists individuals by last name. Individuals referenced by first name, middle name, or nickname Alden: See Fulkerson, Loriston Alden. Aunty: Freedwoman domestic servant on the Critz plantation. Billy: In letters of 1861 only, Billy is an unidentified individual. For 1862–1863 see Davis, William H.; for 1864 and later see Iddings, William Clarence. Crockett: Freedman field hand on the Critz plantation. Darius: See Babcock, Darius Ambrose Jr. Dick: See Dixon, Cuthbert. Dio: See Babcock, Darius Ambrose Jr. Dix/Dixie: See Dixon, Cuthbert. Etta/Ettie/Etty: See Babcock, Mary Esther. Fie: See Iddings, Fiene. Harriet: Freedwoman domestic servant on the Critz plantation. Jane/Jenny: See Babcock, Sarah Jane. xii · Historical Cast J. Webster: See King, Jennie May. (This was her nickname before she was born—James assumed the baby was a boy.) Kate: Freedwoman field hand on the Critz plantation. Lem/Lemuel: See Pierce, Lemuel Packard. Let/Letitia: See Dunn, Eliza Letitia. Linus: See Squire, Linus Truman. May: See King, Jennie May. Odd: See Davis, William H. Rebecca: See King, Martha Rebecca. Tommy: See Iddings, Thomas. Vet: Unidentified individual interested in purchasing James’s farmland in Fabius, Michigan. Webb: See Holbrook, Daniel Webster. Will: See Iddings, William Clarence. Listing by surname Babcock, Darius Ambrose, Jr. (“Dio”): Jenny’s brother. Babcock, Darius Ambrose, Sr.: Jenny’s father. Babcock, James Frank: Jenny’s brother. Babcock, John Simeon: Jenny’s brother. Babcock, Mary Esther (“Etta,”“Ettie,” or“Etty”): Jenny’s sister. Babcock, Perry Bruce: Jenny’s brother. Babcock, Ruth Butler (Blodgett): Jenny’s mother. Babcock, Ruth Rozanna: Jenny’s sister. Babcock, Sarah Jane (“Jane,”“Jenny”): James’s sweetheart and future wife. Baur, Mr.: Unidentified individual interested in purchasing James’s farmland in Fabius, Michigan. Bennett,BenjaminGrove:Captain,CompanyD.CommissionedmajorJanuary 7, 1863. Killed at Missionary Ridge November 25, 1863. Blair, Austin: Governor of Michigan. Blodgett, John Wesley: Jenny’s uncle. Bordner, Benjamin F.: Sergeant, Company D. Letters preserved at Bentley Historical Library. Bournes, William: Private, Company C. Native Irishman and friend of the Babcocks. Bragg,Braxton: Commanding general of the Confederate Army of Tennessee. Brown, Neill Smith: Ex-governor of Tennessee. Historical Cast · xiii Buell, Don Carlos: Union general. Commanded the Department of the Ohio. Crittenden, Thomas Leonidas: Union general. Commanded Rosecrans’s Left Wing at Stones River and the 21st Corps at Chickamauga. Critz,Jacob,Jr.:Ownerof acottonplantationinThompson’sStation,Tennessee. Davis,WilliamH.(“Billy,”“Odd”):Private,CompanyA.Friendof theBabcocks. Dixon, Cuthbert (“Dick,”“Dix,”or“Dixie”): Sergeant, Company A. Promoted to first sergeant March 21, 1863; commissioned second lieutenant April 19, 1864. Wounded near Dallas, Georgia, May 27, 1864. Drake, Addison T.: Quartermaster. Acting assistant division quartermaster from February 1863; acting assistant corps quartermaster February through August 1864. Commissioned captain, Company K, June 17, 1864. Dunn, Eliza Letitia (“Let,”“Letitia”): Jenny’s first cousin. Elliott, William N.: Surgeon. Ewing, Andrew: Former congressman. Judge on the Army of Tennessee’s military court. Floyd, John Buchanan: Former secretary of war. Confederate general. Fulkerson, Loriston Alden: Jenny’s first cousin. Private, Company A. Died of disease February 15, 1862. Garfield, James Abram: Former Ohio state senator and future U.S. president. Appointed Rosecrans’s chief of staff in spring 1863. Gillaspie, Ira: Private, Company C. Promoted to corporal August 10, 1862. Diary published in 1965. Hall,EphraimGaylord:Firstsergeant,CompanyI.Commissionedsecondlieutenant ,Company F,April 1,1862; first lieutenant August 18,1862.Wounded and taken prisoner at Stones River December 31, 1862. Commissioned captainFebruary19 ,1863.ActingbrigadeassistantadjutantgeneralJune17,1864. Harkness,Lindley R.: Private,Company E,enlistedAugust 9,1862.Promoted to commissary sergeant March 1863. Hart, Benjamin F.: Sergeant, Company D. Commissioned first lieutenant January 9, 1864. Hicks,Borden Mills:Sergeant,Company E.Commissioned second lieutenant November 15, 1862; captain September 20, 1863. Hoisington,William W.: First sergeant, Company E. Died of typhoid August 15, 1862. Holbrook, Daniel Webster (“Webb...


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