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ix Years ago, while conducting research in the history of pharmacology and toxicology , I became fascinated with the history of arsenic. I have long wanted to write a book on the subject for a broad audience.This book is aimed more toward the general reader than to the specialist in the history of medicine and science, although scholars in these and related fields looking for an overview of the subject should find it useful as well. The book is based on an extensive number and wide variety of secondary and primary sources. I am indebted to many previous authors on the subject. The works cited in the list of suggested further readings were especially useful . The sources for the images in the book are gratefully acknowledged in the captions. Many people contributed suggestions or comments in connection with my research and writing, and I cannot list them all. However, I would like to acknowledge and thank several individuals who were especially helpful. My brother, Louis Parascandola, brought to my attention a number of literary works that featured arsenic as part of the story. My editor at Potomac Books, Elizabeth Demers, read the manuscript and made many useful suggestions for changes. I also wish to thank two other members of the Potomac Books staff,Amanda Irle, who guided me through the copyediting process, and Liz Norris, whose copyediting significantly improved the manuscript. Last, but certainly not least, I wish to express my appreciation to my wife, Randee, for her support and encouragement throughout this project. Acknowledgments 00_KingOfPoisons_FrontMatter_REV1 9/21/12 1:46 PM Page ix 00_KingOfPoisons_FrontMatter_REV1 9/21/12 1:46 PM Page x ...


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