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253 Index A Adair, A. B., trouble in Colorado City, 23 Adami, Charles, two sons murdered, 66 Adams, Bill, arrested in Jasper by Rogers for drunken disturbance, 151 Adams, Joseph, arrested in El Paso by Rogers, 83 Adams, Josephine “Birdie”, marries Richard Rogers, 4 Adams, W. N. (Brownwood sheriff), and fence cutter wars, 39–40 Albers, Doc (El Paso mayor), 79 Alley, J. K. (cowboy), on Chisholm Trail, 13 Anders, J. L. (Ranger), 149, 152 Anderson, Bill, arrested in Webb County by Rogers,66 Anderson, L. B. “Cowboy”, 13 Anderson, Sam, arrested in Webb County by Rogers, 66 Anthony, Milton, and the Conner fight, 45 Aten, Ira (Ranger), 40–41 Avery, Charles N. (Austin city commissioner), 210 Avriett, Hall (Ranger), 149–150, 152–153 Azuela, Mariano (author), 164 B Bailey, Doc, guarded by Rogers, 144–146 Bailey, M. E. (Ranger), 149–152 Baines, Ann (friend of Lucile Rogers), 140–143 Baker, Rev. J. M., marries Will Crier and Mary Rogers, 14 Baker, O. D., of Calvert, falsely accuses Dr. Miller of sedition, 182–184 Ballinger, Texas, 56, 60 Bangsley, William (Ranger), 219 Banks, Nathaniel P. (Union general), 9 Barber (or Barbour), John (outlaw), x, 54–55 Barker, Dud (Sheriff), 133–134 Barnes, R. L. (Special agent), 179, 183–186 Barnhill, Pink (Ranger), 71 Bartlow, Joe (Marshal), 97, 100 Baugh, L. P., and fence cutter wars in Brown County, 39–41 Baylor, George (Ranger), his company disbanded, 29 Bean, Judge Roy, and El Paso prizefight, 84–88 Bell, Eugene (Ranger), 94 Benavides, Mariano, horse thief arrested by Rogers, 74–75 Index 254 ★ Bennett, Ben and Bill, murder suspects arrested by Rogers, 75 Benton, James Wesley, Guadalupe County rancher moves to Colorado City, 21 Benton, Nathaniel “Cap’n Nat”, 5–8 Benton, Nathaniel, Jr. (Ranger), Rogers’ cousin, 15; recruited with Rogers, 25 Bigford, George (Ranger), 71 Birdwell, John, opens first saloon in Colorado City, 20 Blair’s Landing (Louisiana), Civil War Battle of, 9 Blankenship, J. M., arrested in Indian Territory by Rogers, 33 Bloxom, John, Jr. (Ranger), 189 Blunt, Dr. W. T. (state health officer), and Laredo quarantine, 97–102 Bobbitt, Robert Lee (Texas Speaker of the House), 217 Bochs, Michael, investigated in Limestone County, 179 Bonwell, W. M. (Ranger), 72 Borger, Texas, 216–217 Borger, Ace, 216 Botello, Gabriel, publishes El Libre Pensador in Eagle Pass, 68 Bowen, W. J., his murder in Cotulla investigated by Rogers, 92, 96 Brady, William (US v. Brady 1913), 176–177 Bramlet, Claud, horse thief tracked and captured by Rogers, 61 Braun, Charles (Special agent), 185–186 Brewster, Calvin G. (U. S. Marshal), 156–157, 165 Brooks, Andrew, robs post office in Marble Falls, 177 Brooks, John (“slacker”), 185 Brooks, John Abijah (Ranger), xiii, 27, 30, 34, murder trial, 36–38; fence cutters, 41–42; Conner Fight, 47–52; 56, commands Company F, 60; 63–64, 66, 69, 71, and El Paso prizefight, 81, 87; 118, retirement of, 135 Brownwood, Texas, 38 Buchel, Augustus (Confederate officer), 8 Bugg, A. L. (Austin detective), 202– 203, 210, 212 Burks, Charley (chief deputy U. S. Marshal), 174–175 Burnett, W. M. (Ranger), 73 Burris, Frank, arrested for murder by Rogers, 94 Burrows, Rube (outlaw), stage robber claims to be famous outlaw, 61 Burwell, Charlie (Rogers’ in-law), 67 Burwell, Will (Ranger and in-law to Rogers), 67, 75, 76, 88, 96, 110, 119, 122, 125 Butler, Dan, murder suspect tracked and captured by Rogers, 28 Butler, Will (deputy sheriff), and fence cutter wars in Brown County, 41 Byler, I. F. (buffalo hunter), 18 C Caldwell, Ed (Ranger), and Conner fight, 45–47 Caldwell, Mathew “Old Paint”, 3, 12 Camp, J. L. (district attorney), 177 Campbell, Thomas M. (Texas governor), 208 Index 255 ★ Canales, Jose Tomas (Texas congressman), xiv, and investigation of Rangers, 189– 199 Carbajal, Francisco (Mexican judge), 162 Carmichael, Jim (Ranger), 41–42, 45–51 Carranza, Venustiano (Mexican politician), 155, president, 163 Carroll, George, investigation in Limestone County, 179 Carroll, J. A., murder suspect in Wilbarger County arrested by Rogers, 34 Castanedo, Margarito, arrested for murder out of Rio Grande City, 63 Catron, Thomas Benton (U. S. Congressman), 80 Cauthorn, B. M., killed by Ed Putnam, 136 Centoya, Clara, murder suspect arrested by Rogers, 108 Chilton, Horace (Senator), 91 Chisholm Trail, 13 Choate, Boone, hunt for Gregorio Cortez, 111–113 Christen, Louis T. (Laredo mayor), and quarantine, 96–98 Clark, Etta (El Paso madam), 168 Cleveland, Grover (U. S. President), 80 Cloud, Ike (outlaw), in John Barber’s gang, 54 Coldwell, Neal (Ranger), quartermaster of Frontier...


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