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245 Bibliography UNPUBLISHED PRIMARY SOURCES The preponderance of the information for this biography came from primary sources related directly to the Texas Rangers collections, from the Frontier Battalion and Ranger Force papers, and including records from the adjutant general, the governors, and other archival files. Specifically these collections include: Adjutant General Papers, Letter Press Books & Correspondence, Texas State Archives, Austin. Adjutant General of Texas, Papers of, 1882-1911. Texas State Archives, Austin. Adjutant General of Texas, Official Bi-annual Reports of the Office of, 18951906 . Texas State Archives, Austin. Austin, City of, Police Records, 1923-1924, Austin History Center. Census Records of the United States and Texas, 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880. Governor of Texas, Papers of, 1884-1911, 1927-1930, Texas State Archives, Austin. Governors of Texas Records, Letter Press Books & Correspondence, Texas State Archives, Austin. 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Plano: Republic of Texas Press, 1997. ________. Texas Ranger Tales II. Plano: Republic of Texas Press, 1999. Davis, John L. The Texas Rangers: Images and Incidents. San Antonio: Institute of Texan Cultures, 1991. ________. The Texas Rangers...


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