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666 ] An unsigned review of Extraits d’un Journal: 1908-1928, by Charles du Bos Paris: Éditions de la Pléiade, 1928. Pp. 3691 The Criterion: A Literary Review, 8 (July 1929) 762 Charles du Bos is a writer whose name is known to everyone who knows contemporary French literature, though he writes but little. This is a journal of a man of culture and taste and insight, who knows well several literatures , including English, and who in two volumes entitled Approximations has written some of the best pieces of contemporary criticism. It is, in fact, a book of some importance.2 Notes 1. On 27 May 1929, TSE wrote to R. E. Gordon George, who was reviewing Extraits d’un Journal for the TLS and had expressed interest in reviewing Du Bos’s new books, Byron and Le Dialogue avec André Gide for the Criterion: “I have just been looking through his Journal with great interest, and managed to squeeze a short notice into the June [i.e., July] Criterion in commendation of it and should be all the more glad to have a long review of him later on” (L4 514). On 29 June, TSE wrote to Du Bos to thank him for sending the three books, stating that he wished “first to read the Journal,” which was inscribed “For T. S. Eliot, this intellectual and spiritual pilgrimage, – as a token of deep sympathy Charles de Bos Versailles, Sunday April 21st 1929” (L4 531). In the event, the books on Byron and Gide were reviewed not by George but by Robert Sencourt in the number for Oct 1929 (122-27). 2. In “Baudelaire in our Time” (1927), TSE discusses and quotes from Du Bos’s essay on Baudelaire in Approximations (1922) (3.75, n.29). ...


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