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296 ] To the Editor of the New York Evening Post1 transition, 9 (Dec 1927) 190 Dear Sir, With reference to the letter which I recently sent to you concerning Mr. Samuel Roth’s unauthorised publication of some of my work: I wish to inform you that I have just received from Mr. Roth’s secretary, one E. Loewenberg, a copy of a letter which Mr. Roth appears to have directed to you under date of the 10th August 1927.2 I hope that you have published not only my letter but Mr. Roth’s reply; inasmuch as Mr. Roth’s reply constitutes a better reply to himself than any which I could devise. As Mr. Roth has addressed this letter to you, and as I do not wish to have any direct dealings with Mr. Roth or his company, I take the liberty of asking you to do me a favour. Mr. Roth’s secretary, the said E. Loewenberg, has sent me a cheque for twenty five dollars which he says is “in full payment” for my verses which he pirated. I enclose this cheque, which, as you will observe, is drawn on August 10th 1927 for twenty five dollars to my order by the Two Worlds Publishing Co., Inc., Pauline Roth, treasurer, upon the World Exchange Bank of New York, and is numbered 535.3 I should be greatly obliged to you if you would kindly return this cheque to the Two Worlds Publishing Co. on my behalf. I do not consider it as payment and I do not propose to accept anything in the form of bribery or hush money. I am, Sir, Your obliged, obedient servant, T. S. Eliot Notes 1. This letter, dated 22 Aug 1927, continues TSE’s 26 July correspondence with the New York Evening Post published on 11 Aug and reprinted by Samuel Roth in Two Worlds Monthly of Oct 1927 (3.179). TSE’s letter, not printed in the Post, was likely among materials sent to Sylvia Beach on 22 Aug: “I am enclosing copies of certain correspondence which I have had re Mr. Samuel Roth, as I thought that it possibly might come in useful to you in continuing your admirable campaign”(L3643).DistributedbyBeachatherbookstore,thelittlemagazinetransitionprinted TSE’s original letter to the editor and Roth’s reply of 10 Aug, including the letter of 10 Aug from Roth’s secretary E. Loewenberg to TSE with a cheque for $25. [ 297 To the Editor of The New York Evening Post 2. E. Loewenberg’s letter reads: “Dear Sir: Mr. Roth has asked me to send you the enclosed check in full payment for a poem of yours which he reprinted in an issue of Two Worlds Monthly, entitled Wanna Go Home, Baby? // I also beg to enclose a letter which Mr. Roth sent to the editor of the New York Evening Post. Copies of it have also gone out to the editors of The Nation and The Dial, to whom your original letter to the New York Evening Post was sent. Very truly yours, (Signed) E. Loewenberg. / Secretary to Mr. Roth” (189). 3. Pauline Roth (1896-1977), wife of Samuel. Along with the Two Worlds Monthly, Roth’s Two Worlds Publishing Company (one of his many ventures) brought out an unauthorized edition of Ulysses and several works by and about Oscar Wilde in 1926-27. ...


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