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[ lix ILLUSTRATIONS Illustrations following page 317. 1. Eliot outside offices of Faber & Gwyer, Russell Square, March 1926 2. Eliot in his Faber & Gwyer office, March 1926 3. Geoffrey Faber, 1927 4. Henry Ware Eliot Jr. in the 1920s 5. I. A. Richards, 1928 6. Irving Babbitt, 1928 7. For Lancelot Andrewes. Dust jacket, designed by Edward Bawden. 8. Contents of   For Lancelot Andrewes 9. Dante. Dust jacket, designed by Rex Whistler 10. Letter to William Force Stead, 15 March 1928 11. Annie Dunn and young Eliot, ca. 1895 Illustrations following page 567. 12. Charles Maurras, 1937 13. Charles Maurras (second from left) at the printing house of L’Action française, Paris, ca. 1925-30 14. Ramon Fernandez, ca. 1930 15. Julien Benda, ca. 1930 16. William Joynson-Hicks, Conservative Party Home Secretary, 1925 17. Broadcast script for “The Tudor Translators,” 1929 18. Samuel Roth, editor of Two Worlds Monthly 19. Two Worlds Monthly, May/June 1927 20. Radclyffe Hall, 1927 21. G. B. Shaw, Hilaire Belloc, and G. K. Chesterton, 1928 22. H. G. Wells in Paris, ca. 1930 This page intentionally left blank The COMPLETE PROSE of T.S.Eliot This page intentionally left blank ...


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