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Appendix C: Secondary Filmography Abang92 (Elder Brother '92). Directed by Rahim Razali.With Deanna Yusoff, Azhar Sulaiman, and Rahim Razali. ASA XX, 1993. Ah Beng Returns. Directed by James Lee. With Loh Bok Lai, Amy Len Siew Mee, Lee Swee Keong, Ee Chee Wei, Tan Eng Heng, and Kiew Suet Kim. Produced by Vernon Adrian Emuang and Sylvia Tan, 2001. Amok. Directed by Adman Salleh. With Nasir Bilal Khan, Ramona Rahman, and Hans Isaac. Nizarman Productions, 1995. Anak Sarawak (Child of Sarawak). Directed by Rahim Razali. With Yusof Wahab, Alice Voon, and Ahmad Yatim. ASA XX, 1989. Antara Dua Darjat (Between Two Classes). Directed by P. Ramlee. With P. Ramlee and Saadiah. Malay Film Productions, 1960. AwangSpanar. Directed by Z. Lokman. With Imuda. Produced byV.N.Raj, 1989. Awas (Caution). Directed by Abdul Aziz Razak. Starring KRU members Norman , Yusri, and Edry. Produced by Anita Rafar, 1995. Bas Konduktor. Directed by Z. Lokman. With Maidin and Dayang Ku Intan. Produced by Zahari, 1986. Big Durian, The. Directed by Amir Muhammad. With Bernice Chauly, Nam Ron, Farish A. Noor, Jo Kukathas, Rashid Salleh, and Patrick Teoh. Produced by James Lee,2003. Bintang Pujaan (Superstar).Directed by Shahrom M. Dom. With Latif Ibrahim and Sharifah Aini. Syed Kechik Production, 1981. Buai Laju-Laju (SwingMy Swing High, My Darling). Directed by U-Wei Haji Saari. With Khalid Salleh, Betty Banafe, and Eman Manan. Produced by Julia Fraser, 2004. Bujang Lapok Kembali Daa (The Return of the Broke Bachelors). Directed by Aziz Sattar. With S. Shamsuddin and Nasir P. Ramlee. Produced by A.A. Sattar, 1986. Bukit Kepong (Kepong Hill). Directed by Jins Shamsuddin. With Jins and Jamaliah Arshad. Jins Shamsuddin Production, 1982. Buluh Perindu. Directed by B.S. Rajhans. With Rosini, Shariff Medan, Bakarudin , and M. Amin. Cathay-Keris,1953. Cinta Kita (Our Love).Directed by A. Razak Mohaideen. Story/screenplay by Kamal Ishak. With Sofia Jane Hisham and Aman Graseka. Produced by Pansha, 1995. Cinta Kolestrol (Cholesterol Love). Directed by A. Razak Mohaideen. With Erra Fazira and Yusry (KRU). Metrowealth Productions, 2003. 213 Cucu Datuk Merah. Directed by M. Amin. With Nordin Ahmad and Latifah Omar. Cathay-Keris, 1963. Dari Jemapoh ke Manchestee (From Jemapoh to Manchester). Directed by Hishamuddin Rais. With Acui Zul Karnian, Indra Syahril, Arista Akma, and Fariza Azlina. Produced by Halim Sabir, 1998. Embun. Directed by Erma Fatima. With Umie Aida, Aqasha, Dato Rahim Razali, and Hani Mohsin. Filem Negara Malaysia and FINAS, 2002. Fantasia. Aziz M. Osman. With Erma Fatima, Faizal Hussain, and Melisa Saila. Teletrade, 1991 (released in 1993 as Fantasi). Fenomena. Aziz M. Osman. With M. Nasir, Ramona Rahman, and Search. Teletrade, 1989 (released in 1990). Gedebe (Gangster).Nam Ron. With Zul Huzaimy Marzuki, Md. EzendyAziz, Abdul Galil, and Mohammad Hariry. Cipta Films, 2003. Hang febat. Directed by Hussain Haniff. With Nordin Ahmad, Latifah Omar, M. Amin, and Siput Sarawak. Cathay-Keris, 1961. Hang Tuah. Directed by Phani Majumdar. With P. Ramlee, Saadiah, Ahmad Mahmud, and Zaiton. Malay Film Productions, 1956. Hati Bukan Kristal. Directed by Raja Alauddin. With Erma Fatima, Ridzwan Hashim, and Julia Rais. Director's Team, 1990. Interlud. Directed by Othman Zainuddin. With Azhar Sulaiman and Sofia Jane Hisham. United Kodilla, 1992. Istana Berdarah (Palace of Blood). Directed by Hussain Haniff. With Yusof Latiff, Salleh Melan, and Fatimah Ahmad. Cathay-Keris, 1964. Jasmin. Directed by JamilSulong.With Noraini Jane,Rosnani Jamil,and Johari. Kay Film Productions, 1984. Jejaka Perasan (Unbashful Youth).Directed by A.R. Badol. With A.R. Badol, Liza Abdullah, and N.D. Lala. Produced by Shah, 1986. Jimi Asmara. Directed by Erma Fatima. With Hani Mohsin, Rosyam Noor, and Maizurah Hamzah. BNE Studio, 1995. Jogho (Champion). Directed by U-Wei Haji Saari. With Khalid Salleh. Produced by U-Wei and NHK Japan, 1998-99. Kaki Bakar (The Arsonist). Directed by U-Wei Haji Saari.With Khalid Salleh. Produced by U-Wei and Tini Arshad. 1995. Kalong Kenangan (Necklace of Memory). Directed by Hussain Haniff. With Tony Kassim, Nordin Ahmad, and Latifah Omar. Cathay-Keris, 1964. Kami (Us). Directed by Patrick Yeoh. With Sudirman, Haji Arshad, and Ho Kwee Ling. Indra Filem, 1982. Keluarga Si Comat (Si Comat's Family). Directed by Aziz Sattar. With Aziz Sattar, Deddy Borhan, and Junaidah M. Amin. Sabah Filem,1975. 214 Appendix C Kepala Angin (Crazy). Directed by Azmil Mustapha. With Azmil Mustapha and Jacqueline Mitchell. Amircom, 1987. Ku Kejar Kau Lari (I Pursue, You Flee). Directed by Rashid Sibir. With Erma Fatima, Nasir Bilal Khan, and Hans Isaac. Produced by Erma Fatima and...


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