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Appendix A: Cultural Representations of Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat Author or director and title Year and genre Summary Phani Majumdar, 1956 realist film Pro-Hang Tuah Hang Tuah Kassim Ahmad, Hikayat Hang Tuah (The Story of Hang Tuah) Ali Aziz, Hang Jebat Menderhaka (The Betrayal of Hang Jebat) Hussain Haniff, Hang Jebat Usman Awang, Matinya Seorang Pahlawan, Jebat (Death of a Warrior, Jebat) Syed Alwi al-Hady, Hang Tuah, atau, Pahlawan Melayu (Hang Tuah, or, Malay Warrior) Dinsman, Jebat Johan Jaaffar, Kotaku Oh Kotaku (My City, Oh My City) 1959 thesis, first edition published 1964 Realist drama, staged 1958, published 1960 1961 film based on Ali Aziz's script 1961 musical drama, combining traditional music and dance, published 1992 1963 realist drama 1973 absurdist drama, published 1979 1975 modern drama, published 1983 Pro-Hang Jebat as Malay socialist hero Hang Jebat as hero Pro-Jebat, sadistic portrayal of violence and misogyny Jebat as a sensitive, artistic hero Uses Tuah as a nationalist (antiJapanese ) figure Jebat is stabbed but then stands up and reads a Chairil Anwar poem Jebat dies of "air pollution" (Napiah 199); physical heroism is insufficient in an urban environment and society 207 Appendix A: continued Author or director and title Year and genre Summary Hatta Azad Khan, Jebat Fatimah Busu, "Al-Isra" (Dark Night of the Soul) Rehman Rashid, A Malaysian Journey Karim Raslan, "Heroes" 1982 drama, published Jebat as a modern-day 1984 Robin Hood, ultimately tricked into accepting a bribe from the sultan (downfall) 1985 absurdist mythical Jebat as the voice of short story truth, incorporates Sisyphus 1992 journalistic novel Author asks which is the hero, Tuah or Jebat 1996 short story Protagonist emulates Tuah Note: Consult Abdul Rahman Napiah, Tuah-Jebat Dalam Drama Melayu: Satu Kajian Intertekstualiti for an analysis of the plays mentioned here. 208 Appendix A ...


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