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Acknowledgments I thank the Asia Research Institute for making it possible for me to produce this book. Also crucial to the enterprise is the Ford grant that I received from the Northwest Regional Consortium for Southeast Asian Studies, which enabled me to carry out field research in 1998. My utmost gratitude goes to Mr. Poh Sim Gark, Ms. Chew Siew Bee, and family for their kind generosity and hospitality as hosts during my numerous research trips to KualaLumpur. This book would also not be complete without the goodwill, friendliness, warmth, and support of my fellow Malaysians:academics at Universiti SainsMalaysia, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and University of Malaya who generously shared their knowledge and interests with me; Nor Faridah Manaf, who took me under her wing; Pak Hamzahat FINASfor his experience and enthusiasm about film; Gordon Gray and Amir Muhammad for stimulating e-mail discussions on Malay cinema; Hassan Muthalib, Noritah Omar, and Washima Chedan for their friendship and support; and the numerous other Malaysian writers and filmmakers I have had the good fortune of meeting. In Singapore, I thank colleagues who had chapters thrust at them and kindly provided feedback, discussion, and friendship: Goh Beng Lan, Eric Thompson, Matilda Gabrielpillai, David Lim, Daniel Goh, Dayaneetha De Silva, and VatthanaPholsena. Special thanks go to my UBC committee members : Sneja Gunew, Margery Fee, Jacqueline Levitin, and Tineke Hellwig; to my external examiner Maila Stivens for taking my work seriously; and to my parents and sisters for their unfailing support and love. Early versions of some material from this book have been published as essays in Risking Malaysia (ed. Maznah Mohamad and Wong Soak Koon, 2001), Women Filmmakers:Refocusing (ed. Judith Plessis, Jacqueline Levitin, and Valerie Raoul, 2003), West Coast Line journal (2000), and Asian Media Studies, ed. Chua Siew Keng and John Nguyet Erni (Blackwell Publishing, 2004). ix This page intentionally left blank ...


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