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A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S IAM grateful to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for a grant that turned sporadic interest in this subject into the initial substantial work for this book. I am also grateful to the American Philosophical Society for providing travel assistance. I am indebted to the following institutions and their personnel for material used in the preparation of this book: Bundesarchiv Koblenz; Berlin Document Center; MIT Archives; New York Public Library; Harvard University Archives; Stanford University Libraries; Mathematisches Institut Göttingen; Niedersächsisches Staats-und-Universitätsbibliothek, Göttingen; Library of Congress; National Archives; the archives at the Universities of Aachen, Bonn, Freiburg, Freie Universität Berlin, Göttingen, Heidelberg, Hamburg, Jena, Münster, Munich, and Tübingen; the Courant Institute, New York University; the Einstein Archives , Princeton; the Archives of American Mathematics, Austin, Texas. The author is indebted to the following people for information used in this book. Some of these people are now deceased; yet their assistance should be acknowledged anyway: Natascha Artin Brunswick, Martin Barner, Heinrich Begehr, Marianne Bernstein-Wiener, Liliane Beaulieu, Elsbeth Bredendiek, Egbert Brieskorn, Werner Burau, Nina Courant, Andreas Defant, Klaus Floret, Ulrich Hunger, Niels Jacob, Erich Kähler, Manfred Knebusch, Martin and Jutta Kneser, Matthias Landau, Gerald Liebenau, Christoph Maass, Herbert Mehrtens, Alexander Ostrowski, Volker Peckhaus, Holger Petersson, Margarete Petersson, Karin Reich, Volker Remmert, Norbert Schappacher, Karl-Heinz Schlote, Julius Schoeps, Rotraut Stanik, Karl Stein, Irmgard Süss, Peter Thullen, Horst Tietz, Magda Tisza, Renate Tobies, Heinrich Wefelscheid, K. H. Weise, Hermann Weisert, Klaus-Werner Wiegmann, and Hans Zassenhaus. This list may not be complete, and I apologize to anyone inadvertently overlooked, and assure them of my thankfulness for their help. I wish to thank Beata Smarcynzska for a detailed survey of the contents of four German mathematical journals during the years 1933–45. A summary of this survey is in the appendix. I also wish to thank Elizaveta Pachepsky for help in composing the bibliography, Sherry Wert for her gratefully received efforts in improving the text, and Joan Robinson for her help with the index. I am especially grateful to the typists who prepared various parts of this book: Roberta Colon, Frances Crawford, Ann Joy, and Marie Parsons. I wish to thank preliminary readers of all or substantial parts of this book, and their suggestions: Bonnie Gold, Jonathan Liebenau, Adam Segal-Isaacson, KlausWerner Wiegmann, and the anonymous readers for Princeton University Press. Needless to say, however, any error of substance or diction still remaining is entirely the author’s responsibility. Finally, I wish to acknowledge the support of my wife Rima through the many years of this book’s gestation. Though lively like Beatrice, she has nevertheless endured not only a husband with a beard, but also the effort he has put into this book. ...


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