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C O N T E N T S PREFACE xi ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xix ABBREVIATIONS xxi CHAPTER ONE Why Mathematics? 1 CHAPTER TWO The Crisis in Mathematics 14 CHAPTER THREE The German Academic Crisis 42 CHAPTER FOUR Three Mathematical Case Studies 85 The Süss Book Project 86 The Winkelmann Succession 106 Hasse’s Appointment at Göttingen 124 CHAPTER FIVE Academic Mathematical Life 168 Erich Bessel-Hagen and the General Atmosphere 170 Dozentenschaft Reports 174 Foreign Contact and Travel 181 Mathematical Camps 188 Students and Faculty before and during Wartime 198 The Value of Mathematics in the Nazi State 213 Secondary and Elementary Mathematics 220 The Wartime Drafting of Scientists 226 CHAPTER SIX Mathematical Institutions 229 The Case of Otto Blumenthal 231 The Lachmann Paper Incident 234 Max Steck and the “Lambert Project” 244 Resistance to Ideological Articles 253 Heinrich Scholz, Logician 255 Miscellaneous Non-German Authors 260 The Bieberbach-Bohr Exchange and the 1934 Meeting of the DMV 263 The MR and the Content of University Mathematics Teaching 288 The Post-Crisis Mathematical Society and the Role of Wilhelm Süss 293 x C O N T E N T S The Creation of the Oberwolfach Institute 301 Applied Mathematics in Nazi Germany 306 Mathematics in the Concentration Camps 321 CHAPTER SEVEN Ludwig Bieberbach and “Deutsche Mathematik” 334 Bieberbach and Landau 339 The Frankfurt Succession 341 Bieberbach’s Conversion to Intuitionism 345 The Bologna Congress 349 The Question of Bieberbach’s Motivations 356 Mathematics and Typological Psychology 360 Efforts to Ideologize Mathematics 368 Deutsche Mathematik 387 The Case of Herbert Knothe 410 Bieberbach’s Standing with Colleagues 414 The Case of Richard Rado 416 CHAPTER EIGHT Germans and Jews 419 Wilhelm Blaschke 423 The Development of Heinrich Behnke’s Attitudes 437 Erich Hecke 439 Oswald Teichmüller 442 Ernst Witt 451 Richard Courant 452 Edmund Landau 454 Felix Hausdorff 455 Ernst Peschl 461 Paul Riebesell 462 Helmut Ulm and Alfred Stohr 465 Ernst Zermelo 467 Gerhard Gentzen 469 Hans Petersson 471 Erich Kähler 477 Wilhelm Süss 480 The Positions of German Mathematicians 488 APPENDIX 493 BIBLIOGRAPHY 509 INDEX 523 ...


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