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1976–77 oxford Bernard Williams, Cambridge University michigan Joel Feinberg, University of Arizona “Voluntary Euthanasia and the Inalienable Right to Life” stanford Joel Feinberg, University of Arizona “Voluntary Euthanasia and the Inalienable Right to Life” 1977–78 oxford John Rawls, Harvard University michigan Sir Karl Popper, University of London “Three Worlds” stanford Thomas Nagel, Princeton University 1978–79 oxford Thomas Nagel, Princeton University “The Limits of Objectivity” cambridge C. C. O’Brien, London michigan Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University “Comparative Social Theory” stanford Amartya Sen, Oxford University “Equality of What?” utah Lord Ashby, Cambridge University “The Search for an Environmental Ethic” utah state R. M. Hare, Oxford University “Moral Conflicts” 1979–80 oxford Jonathan Bennett, University of British Columbia “Morality and Consequences” cambridge Raymond Aron, Collège de France “Arms Control and Peace Research” harvard George Stigler, University of Chicago “Economics or Ethics?” michigan Robert Coles, Harvard University “Children as Moral Observers” the tanner lecturers The Tanner Lectures on Human Values 198 stanford Michel Foucault, Collège de France “Omnes et Singulatim: Towards a Criticism of ‘Political Reason’” utah Wallace Stegner, Los Altos Hills, California “The Twilight of Self-Reliance: Frontier Values and Contemporary America” 1980–81 oxford Saul Bellow, University of Chicago “A Writer from Chicago” cambridge John Passmore, Australian National University “The Representative Arts as a Source of Truth” harvard Brian M. Barry, University of Chicago “Do Countries Have Moral Obligations? The Case of World Poverty” michigan John Rawls, Harvard University “The Basic Liberties and Their Priority” stanford Charles Fried, Harvard University “Is Liberty Possible?” utah Joan Robinson, Cambridge University “The Arms Race” hebrew univ. Solomon H. Snyder, Johns Hopkins University “Drugs and the Brain and Society” 1981–82 oxford Freeman Dyson, Princeton University “Bombs and Poetry” cambridge Kingman Brewster, President Emeritus, Yale University “The Voluntary Society” harvard Murray Gell-Mann, California Institute of Technology “The Head and the Heart in Policy Studies” michigan Thomas C. Schelling, Harvard University “Ethics, Law, and the Exercise of Self-Command” stanford Alan A. Stone, Harvard University “Psychiatry and Morality” utah R. C. Lewontin, Harvard University “Biological Determinism” australian natl. univ. Leszek Kolakowski, Oxford University “The Death of Utopia Reconsidered” 1982–83 oxford Kenneth J. Arrow, Stanford University “The Welfare-Relevant Boundaries of the Individual” 199 The Tanner Lecturers cambridge H. C. Robbins Landon, University College, Cardiff “Haydn and Eighteenth-Century Patronage in Austria and Hungary” harvard Bernard Williams, Cambridge University “Morality and Social Justice” stanford David Gauthier, University of Pittsburgh “The Incompleat Egoist” utah Carlos Fuentes, Princeton University “A Writer from Mexico” jawaharlal nehru univ. Ilya Prigogine, Université Libre de Bruxelles “Only an Illusion” 1983–84 oxford Donald D. Brown, Johns Hopkins University “The Impact of Modern Genetics” cambridge Stephen J. Gould, Harvard University “Evolutionary Hopes and Realities” michigan Herbert A. Simon, Carnegie-Mellon University “Scientific Literacy as a Goal in a High-Technology Society” stanford Leonard B. Meyer, University of Pennsylvania “Music and Ideology in the Nineteenth Century” utah Helmut Schmidt, former Chancellor, West Germany “The Future of the Atlantic Alliance” helsinki Georg Henrik von Wright, Helsinki “Of Human Freedom” 1984–85 oxford Barrington Moore, Jr., Harvard University “Authority and Inequality under Capitalism and Socialism” cambridge Amartya Sen, Oxford University “The Standard of Living” harvard Quentin Skinner, Cambridge University “The Paradoxes of Political Liberty” Kenneth J. Arrow, Stanford University “The Unknown Other” michigan Nadine Gordimer, South Africa “The Essential Gesture: Writers and Responsibility” stanford Michael Slote, University of Maryland “Moderation, Rationality, and Virtue” 1985–86 oxford Thomas M. Scanlon, Jr., Harvard Univesity “The Significance of Choice” The Tanner Lectures on Human Values 200 cambridge Aldo Van Eyck, The Netherlands “Architecture and Human Values” harvard Michael Walzer, Institute for Advanced Study “Interpretation and Social Criticism” michigan Clifford Geertz, Institute for Advanced Study “The Uses of Diversity” stanford Stanley Cavell, Harvard University “The Uncanniness of the Ordinary” utah Arnold S. Relman, Editor, New England Journal of Medicine “Medicine as a Profession and a Business” 1986–87 oxford Jon Elster, Oslo University and the University of Chicago “Taming Chance: Randomization in Individual and Social­Decisions” cambridge Roger Bulger, University of Texas Health Sciences Center,­Houston “On Hippocrates, Thomas Jefferson, and Max Weber: The Bureaucratic, Technologic Imperatives and the Future of the Healing Tradition in a Voluntary Society” harvard Jürgen Habermas, University of Frankfurt “Law and Morality” michigan Daniel C. Dennett, Tufts University “The Moral First Aid Manual” stanford Gisela Striker, Columbia University “Greek Ethics and Moral Theory” utah Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard University “On Reading the Constitution” 1987–88 oxford F. Van...


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