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vii CONTENTS Preface ix Introduction. In Search of the Truth: A Brief History of the Polish-Russian Group on Difficult Matters 1 Adam Daniel Rotfeld and Anatoly V. Torkunov 1. The Beginnings: Polish-Soviet Relations, 1917–1921 Daria Nałęcz and Tomasz Nałęcz (Poland) 17 Gennady F. Matveyev (Russia) 30 2. The Interwar Period: Poland and the Soviet Union in the Late 1920s and Early 1930s Wojciech Materski (Poland) 61 Aleksandr V. Revyakin (Russia) 79 3. The Causes of World War II: Poland, the Soviet Union, and the Crisis of the Versailles System Sławomir Dębski (Poland) 105 Mikhail M. Narinsky (Russia) 125 4. Poland between the Soviet Union and Germany, 1939–1941: The Red Army Invasion and the Fourth Partition of Poland Albin Głowacki (Poland) 161 Natalia S. Lebedeva (Russia) 182 5. The Katyn Massacre: The Process of Revealing the Truth and Commemorating the Victims Andrzej Przewoźnik (Poland) 211 Natalia S. Lebedeva (Russia) 246 6. World War II, 1941–1945: Politics and Its Consequences Wojciech Materski (Poland) 271 Valentina S. Parsadanova (Russia) 290 7. The Postwar Decade, 1945–1955: Victory and Enslavement Włodzimierz Borodziej (Poland) 317 Albina F. Noskova (Russia) 333 viii 8. The Thaw: The Twentieth Congress of the Soviet Communist Party, the Polish October, and the Struggle for Autonomy Andrzej Paczkowski (Poland) 371 Nikolai I. Bukharin (Russia) 382 9. The Dissident Movement: The Way to Freedom in Culture Jerzy Pomianowski (Poland) 403 Andrei V. Vorobyov and Aleksandr V. Shubin (Russia) 417 10. The Soviets and the Polish Crisis: The Road to Martial Law, 1980–1981 Andrzej Paczkowski (Poland) 431 Inessa S. Yazhborovskaya (Russia) 441 11. Regained Freedom and Sovereignty: Transformation Processes in Poland and Russia Włodzimierz Marciniak (Poland) 469 Vladimir G. Baranovsky and Boris A. Shmelyov (Russia) 487 12. Assistance or Exploitation? Economic Relations between Poland and the Soviet Union Janusz Kaliński (Poland) 509 Leonid B. Vardomsky (Russia) 521 13. Russia versus Sovereign Poland: Political Relations between Poland and Russia since 1990 Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz (Poland) 539 Artem V. Malgin (Russia) 557 14. Continuity and Change: The Mutual Perceptions of Poles and Russians Andrzej Grajewski (Poland) 589 Nikolai I. Bukharin (Russia) 601 15. Heritage in Archives: Displaced Collections and Access to Archives Władysław Stępniak (Poland) 619 Vladimir P. Kozlov (Russia) 630 Appendix A. Reports on Sessions of the Group on Difficult Matters 641 Appendix B. The Letter of the Co-Chairs of the Group on Difficult Matters to the Foreign Ministers of Poland and Russia 659 Index 661 ...


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