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S E L E C T L I S T O F F U L L T I T L E S (This list is comprised only of works which are cited in more than one chapter and whose short titles are not easy guides into a library catalog.) Allen, Don Cameron, The Legend of Noah: Renaissance Rationalism in Art, Science, and Letters (Urbana, 111., 1949) . Ames, Susie M., Studies of the Virginia Eastern Shore in the Seventeenth Century (Richmond, 1940) . Anburey, Thomas, Travels through the Interior Parts of America, 2 vols. (Boston, 1923) . [Annals of Congress], The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States, 1789-1824, 42 vols. (Washington, 1834-56) . See chap. 8, note 20. Aptheker, Herbert, ed., A Documentary History of the Negro People in the United States (N.Y., 1951) . Bacon, Rev. Thomas, Four Sermons, Upon the Great and Indispensible Duty of All Christian Masters and Mistresses . . . (London, [Bacon, Thomas], Two Sermons, Preached to a Congregation of Black Slaves . . . (London, 1749). Bendyshe, T[homas], "The History of Anthropology," Anthropological Society of London, Memoirs, i (1863-64). Benson, Adolph B., trans, and ed., The America of 1750: Peter Kalm's Travels in North America. The English Version of 1770, 2 vols. (N.Y., 1937). Beverley, Robert, The History and Present State of Virginia, ed. Louis B. Wright (Chapel Hill, 1947). Boucher, Jonathan, A View of the Causes and Consequences of the American Revolution . . . (London, 1797). Brackett, Jeffrey R., The Negro in Maryland (Baltimore, 1889). Bradley, Abraham, A New Theory of the Earth . . . (Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 1801). Bricknell, John, The Natural History of North-Carolina . . . (Dublin , 1737). Brookes, George S., Friend Anthony Benezet (Phila., 1937). [610] 175 Select List of Full Titles [611] Bruce, Philip A., Economic History of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century . . . , 2 vols. (N.Y., 1896). Buffon, [Georges Louis Leclerc], Comte de, Histoire Naturelle, Generale et Particuliere . . . , 36vols. (Paris, 1749-88). Burnaby, Andrew, Travels through the Middle Settlements in North-America . . . (London, 1775). Calhoun, Arthur, A Social History of the American Family . . . , 3 vols. (Cleveland, 1917-19). Catterall, Helen T., ed., Judicial Cases Concerning American Slavery and the Negro, 5 vols. (Washington, 1926-37). Cawley, Robert R., The Voyagers and Elizabethan Drama (Boston, 1938). Chase, Eugene P., trans, and ed., Our Revolutionary Forefathers; the Letters of Francois, Marquis de Barbe-Marbois during His Residence in the United States as Secretary of the French Legation , 1719-1785 (N.Y., 1929). Chastellux, Marquis de, Travels in North America in the Years 1780, ij8i and 1782, trans, and ed. Howard C. Rice, Jr., 2 vols. (Chapel Hill, 1963). Churchill, John and Awsham, comps., A Collection of Voyages and Travels . . . , 6 vols. (London, 1704-32). Clark, Elmer E., J. Manning Potts, and Jacob S. Payton, eds., The Journal and Letters of FrancisAsbury, 3 vols. (London and Nashville , 1958). Cookfe], Ebenfezer], The Sot-weed Factor: Or a Voyage to Maryland . . . (London, 1708). [Cooper, David], A Serious Address to the Rulers of America, on the Inconsistency of Their Conduct Respecting Slavery . . . (Trenton, 1783). Crawford, Charles, Observations upon Negro-Slavery, new ed. (Phila., 1790). [Crevecoeur, St. Jean de], Letters from an American Farmer . . . (London, 1782). Davies, Samuel, The Duty of Christians to Propagate Their Religion Among Heathens . . . (London, 1758). De P[auw, Cornelis], Recherches Philosophiques sur les Americains . . . , 3 vols. (Berlin, 1770). Dexter, Franklin B., ed., The Literary Diary of Ezra Stiles, D.D., LL.D., President of Yale College, 3 vols. (N.Y., 1901). Donnan, Elizabeth, ed., Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America, 4 vols. (Washington, 1930-35). Drake, Thomas E., Quakers and Slavery in America (New Haven, 1950). Du Bois, William Edward Burghardt, Suppression of the African Slave-Trade . . . (N.Y., 1896). Eben, Carl T., trans., Gottlieb Mittelberger's Journey to Pennsylvania in the Year 1750 and Return to Germany in the Year 1754 . . . (Phila., 1898). Edwards, Bryan, The History, Civil and Commercial, of the British Colonies in the West Indies, 3d ed., 3 vols. (London, 1801). Edwards, Jonathan, The Injustice and Impolicy of the Slave-trade and of the Slavery of the Africans . . . (Providence, 1792) . [Fleetwood], William, A Sermon Preached before the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts . . . (London, 1711). Fontaine, James, Memoirs of a Huguenot Family . . . , trans, and ed. Ann Maury (N.Y., 1872). Force, Peter, ed., Tracts and Other Papers . . . , 4 vols. (N.Y., Franklin, John Hope, The Free Negro in North Carolina, 17901860 (Chapel Hill, 1943). [Gibson, Edmund], Two Letters of the Lord Bishop...


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