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xi Abbreviations acda Arms Control and Disarmament Agency africom U.S. Africa Command aids acquired immune deficiency syndrome aor area of responsibility aqam al-Qaeda and Associated Movements arvn Army of the Republic of Viet Nam asd assistant secretary of defense atf Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives bce before common era bric Brazil, Russia, India, China centcom U.S. Central Command cento Central Treaty Organization cjcs Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff cna Center for Naval Analyses conus continental United States crs Congressional Research Service crs Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization csis Center for Strategic and International Studies dae Defense Acquisition Executive dci Director of Central Intelligence dea Drug Enforcement Administration depord deployment order dhs Department of Homeland Security dia Defense Intelligence Agency dime diplomatic, informational, military, economic dino Democrat in name only dod Department of Defense dpg Defense Planning Guidance dsaa Defense Security Assistance Agency xii Abbreviations dsca Defense Security Cooperation Agency dtra Defense Threat Reduction Agency eucom U.S. European Command faa Federal Aviation Administration fnla National Liberation Front of Angola ffrdc Federally Funded Research and Development Center fincen Financial Crimes Enforcement Network fry Federal Republic of Yugoslavia gdp gross domestic product geoint geospatial intelligence gpo Government Printing Office hic high-intensity conflict hiv human immunodeficiency virus hsc Homeland Security Council humint human intelligence ic Intelligence Community ica International Communications Agency idf Israel Defense Forces imint image intelligence ipa Intergovernmental Personnel Act jcs Joint Chiefs of Staff jfcom U.S. Joint Forces Command jscp joint strategic capabilities plan lic low-intensity conflict masint measurement and signature intelligence meto Middle East Treaty Organization mic mid-intensity conflict midlife military, informational, diplomatic, law enforcement, intelligence, financial, economic mpla Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola nato North Atlantic Treaty Organization nctc National Counterterrorism Center nec National Economic Council nga National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency nic National Intelligence Council nie national intelligence estimate nima National Imaging and Mapping Agency nio national intelligence officer nlf National Liberation Front noc non-official cover Abbreviations xiii norad North American Aerospace Defense Command northcom U.S. Northern Command npic National Photographic Interpretation Center nro National Reconnaissance Office nsc national security council policy paper nsc National Security Council nsdd national security decision directive nspg National Security Planning Guidance nsr national security review nssg National Security Study Group nva North Vietnamese Army oplan operational plan opord operational order osd Office of the Secretary of Defense pacom U.S. Pacific Command pdd presidential decision directive plo Palestinian Liberation Organization pnsr Project on National Security Reform prc Peoples Republic of China (Mainland) prt provincial reconstruction team qddr Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review rino Republican in name only rma revolution in military affairs roc Republic of China (Taiwan) saceur nato Supreme Allied Commander, Europe sad Special Activities Division sae Service Acquisition Executive salt strategic arms limitations talks seato South East Asia Treaty Organization sigint signals intelligence siop single integrated operational plan socom U.S. Special Operations Command southcom U.S. Southern Command so/lic special operations and low-intensity conflict spacecom U.S. Space Command stratcom U.S. Strategic Command transcom U.S. Transportation Command ucp unified command plan unita National Union for the Total Independence of Angola usaid United States Agency for International Development xiv Abbreviations usd under secretary of defense usia United States Information Agency vc Viet Cong voa Voice of America wmd weapons of mass destruction wpr War Powers Resolution ...


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