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Sediment Quality Assessment and Management: Insight and Progress ECOVISIONWORLDMONOGRAPHSERIES Series Editor M. Munawar Managing Editor I.F. Munawar Sediment Quality Assessment and Management: Insight and Progress M. Munawar Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management Society Photo Credits Front Cover: Lake Biwa NorthArm, Japan (Tom Murphy) Back Cover: Left-top: C.S.S. Limnos with a box core, Toronto Harbour, Canada (Mohiuddin Munawar) Left-bottom: Sampling with a box core, Lake Ontario, Canada (Uwe Borgmann) Right-top: Dredging in Toronto Harbour, Canada (Mohiuddin Munawar) Right-middle: Shipwreck infested with zebra mussels, Lake Erie, Canada (Ron Dermott) Right-bottom: Dredging inAkanoi Bay of Lake Biwa, Japan (Tom Murphy) Printed by: Volumes ISBN81-7898-232-2 First published 2003© 2003 Ecovision World Monograph Series Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management Society All rights reserved. No part of this book may be translated or reproduced in any form by print, photoprint, microfilm, or any other mean without prior written permission of the publisher. Ecovision Advisory Committee R. Baudo, Italy G. Dave, Sweden T. Edsall, U.S.A C. van de Guchte, The Netherlands S.G. Lawrence, Canada J.H. Leach, Canada D.F. Malley, Canada A.R.G. Price, United Kingdom C.S. Reynolds, United Kingdom P. Stadelmann, Switzerland R.A. Vollenweider, Canada A.R. Zafar, India SQA4 Symposium Committee M. Kumagai, M. Munawar, T. Murphy, Co-Chairs M. Nakamura, H. Hashitani, K. Kyuma, D.F. Malley, S.G. Lawrence, N. Taylor, C. Jiao Technical Editor N.F. Munawar Technical Committee K. Bonnell H. Niblock K. Trojankova Cover Design M. Munawar M. Donnelly SQA4 Convenors & Organizers Lake Biwa Research Institute (LBRI) Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management Society Sponsors Environment Agency of Japan Ministry of Transport of Japan Science and Technology Agency of Japan Otsu City International Lake Environment Committee (UNEP/ILEC) International Environment Technology Centre (IETC) Water Resources Development Public Corporation Kansai Research Organization of Hydrosphere Environment National Science Foundation, U.S.A. Lake Biwa-Yodo River Water Quality Preservation Organization Industrial Society of Shiga Prefecture Japanese Society of Fishery Science Japanese Society of Limnology Sedimentological Society of Japan Ministry of Construction of Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan Science Council of Japan Japan Society on Water Environment Japan Society of Civil Engineering Japanese Society of Oceanography ...


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