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Contents Foreword by Frank J. D'Angelo ix Acknowledgments xiii l. Introduction 1 2. A Platonic View of Rhetorical Invention 10 Platonic Invention and Recent Composition Theory 13 Why Composition Favors a Platonic View of Invention 15 The Influence ofLiterary Studies 15 Romantic Tradition: The Inspired Writer 17 Capitalism, Individualism, and Invention 19 Strengths and Limitations of a Platonic View 22 3. Invention as a Social Act 33 Social Aspects oflnvention 33 Invention as a Dialectical Process 35 Invention as an Act 37 Inventor and Audience 38 Inventing over Time 40 Classical Precedents for a Social Perspective 44 4. A Continuum of Social Perspectives on Invention 48 Overview of the Continuum 48 Invention as Internal Dialogue 54 Theoretical Foundation: Sigmund Freud 54 Internal Dialogue and Composition Theory 58 Invention as Collaboration 62 Theoretical Foundation: George Herbert Mead 62 Resonance 65 Examples of Collaborativ'l Views 67 Inventing by Interaction 68 Joint Invention 71 Social Contexts for Invention 75 viii Contents Invention and the Social Collective 78 Theoretical Foundation: Emile Durkheim 80 Examples of Modern Collectine Perspectives 85 Collectives as Aids to Invention 88 Conclusion 92 5. The Role of Language: A Foundation for a Social Perspective on Invention 95 Language and Rhetorical Invention 95 Words: The Curtain over the Windowpane 97 Language and Thought 101 Kant and Cassirer: From Copy Theory to Symbolic Forms 106 The One and the Many 114 6. Implications of a Social Perspective on Invention 121 Implications for Writers 122 Implications for Researchers and Scholars 125 Implications for Teachers 128 Practical Applications 128 The Nature ofKnowledge and Structure ofthe Curriculum 134 Conclusion 138 NOTES 143 BIBLIOGRAPHY 161 ...


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