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Studies in Writing & Rhetoric ~ IN 1980, THE CONFERENCE ON COLLEGE COMPOSITION AND COMMUNICATION perceived a need for publishing opportunities for monographs that were too lengthy for publication in its journal and too short for the typical publication of scholarly books by The National Council of Teachers of English. A series called Studies in Writing and Rhetoric was conceived, and a Publication Committee established. Monographs to be considered for publication may be speculative, theoretical, historical, or analytical studies; research reports; or other works contributing to a better understanding of writing, including interdisciplinary studies or studies in disciplines related to composing. The SWR series will exclude textbooks, unrevised dissertations , book-length manuscripts, course syllabi, lesson plans, and collections of previously published material. Any teacher-writer interested in submitting a work for publication in this series should send either a prospectus and sample manuscript or a full manuscript to the NCTE Coordinator of Professional Publications, 1111 Kenyon Road, Urbana, IL 61801. Accompanied by sample manuscript, a prospectus should contain a rationale, a definition of readership within the ecce constituency, comparison with related publications, an annotated table of contents, an estimate of length in double-spaced 8Y2 x ll sheets, and the date by which full manuscript can be expected. Manuscripts should be in the range of 100 to 170 typed manuscript pages. The works that have been published in this series serve as models for future SWR monographs. Paul O'Dea NCTE Coordinator of Professional Publications Invention as a Social Act Karen Burke LeFevre WITII A FOREWORD BY FRANK J. D'ANGELO Published for the Conference on College Composition and Communication SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY PRESS Carbondale and Edwardsville Production ofworks in this series has been partly funded by the Conference on College Composition and Communication of the National Council of Teachers of English. Copyright © 1987 by Conference on College Composition and Communication All rights reserved Printed in the United States ofAmerica Edited by Margaret E. Sattler Designed by Design.for Publishing, Inc., Bob Nance production supervised by Natalia Nadraga Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data LeFevre, Karen Burke. Invention as a social act. (Studies in writing & rhetoric) "Published for the Conference on College Composition and Communication." Bibliography: p. 1. Invention (Rhetoric)-Social aspects. I. Conference on College Composition and Communication (U.S.) II. Title. III. Series. PN22l.L44 1987 808 86-15437 ISB:\f 0-8093-1328-6 To Anne Burke and to the memory of Paul L. Burke ...


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